Omaha, NE- A truck driver who was also a fugitive was sentenced to 300 days in jail after a Nebraska jury found him guilty of causing a 2011 accident which killed a 2 year-old boy.

It took the jury six days to decide the 54 year-old trucker’s role in the accident which took place on snowy and icy roads on Interstate 80 in Lancaster County near the Waverly exchange. Police said the trucker and fugitive from Delaware was driving too fast for the road conditions, and the jury agreed.

Police said the trucker was driving over the 55 mph speed limit when he slammed into the rear of a Toyota sedan carrying four members of a Nebraska family.  Robert “Jeff” Curry was seriously injured, and his son Robert “Aidan” Curry was killed. Aidan’s one year old sister and the children’s mother Jennifer Brock escaped injury.

The jury found Leamond Pierce guilty of misdemeanor motor-vehicle homicide. The prosecutor pushed for the maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $500 fine, arguing the trucker was on parole and should not have left his home state. The judge gave him 300 days behind bars with 175 days of time-served, but once he is released from Nebraska’s custody, he will be extradited to Delaware.

Pierce expressed remorse for the accident telling the judge he cried after killing Aidan and wanted to reach out to the Curry family, but he was advised not to, according to the Journal Star.

The judge acknowledged that the accident was not solely Pierce’s fault telling the court, “There were many causes and factors that contributed to this accident.”

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As the judge said, there were many causes to this accident, and that is true of all traffic accidents. But tractor-trailers and other large trucks are much larger and much heavier than passenger vehicles. These large trucks need longer distances to stop, and when the road conditions are poor, they need even longer distances to stop. A rear-end accident is avoidable, but when a truck driver fails to give themselves enough distance to stop, especially in inclement weather, they are liable for the injuries the deaths they cause.

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