A business who owns and operates trucks or other commercial vehicles will often have to pay out large amounts of damages after causing accidents. However, it is always necessary to get legal advice before trying to determine how your specific accident will be handled. 

An overturned truck in Horry County, South Carolina near the Myrtle Beach area caused several other vehicles to collide on a local highway. 

Overturned truck results in several injuries

Horry County Fire Rescue received an emergency call about an accident on Highway 31 at mile marker 31 at about 9 am. This area is just north of Myrtle Beach. The fire department found that a large truck had initially overturned on its side, which caused an additional four vehicle crash just about fifteen minutes later. Several minor injuries were reported, and one victim needed to be hospitalized. 

All of the northbound lanes on Highway 31 remained closed for an extended period of time. The South Carolina Highway Patrol would be handling the complete accident investigation. Photos of the scene showed traffic backed up for several miles as fire department vehicles worked to clear the area after the truck crash

Responsibility for a multiple vehicle collision

Trucking companies and commercial vehicles often cause property damage and other forms of harm to others. They may have insurance policies and various ways of paying for this damage, but it is necessary to file a lawsuit as well in many cases. 

Why is legal help important?

An attorney will ensure that you receive the most compensation allowed by law and that your rights are protected. You can start the process to bring a case against the business responsible by scheduling an initial meeting with a lawyer. They will talk to you about evidence related to your accident such as accident reports generated by law enforcement, pictures of the scene, and insurance claims. After gathering and examining these documents, they can decide whether it will be necessary to file a case on your behalf or not. 

Procedures for beginning a lawsuit 

If your lawyer does decide to bring a civil case against a trucking company, this will start with an initial court filing. This document, called a pleading or complaint, is the first thing that the local court system will see. It contains a brief statement of facts, legal arguments as to why the defendant is at fault, and a statement of losses and damages. The defendant will be served with a copy of this document as well and given a chance to respond. 

Attorneys in South Carolina

There are local lawyers who focus on truck accident cases in your state and city. To get help with lawsuits and related issues, use the listings on USAttorneys.com to find a professional near you.

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