A truck and skateboard accident that occurred earlier last week has killed a skateboarder, as reported by ABC30. The incident occurred in the crossing between Dakota Avenue and Chestnut Avenue in east central Fresno.

Not the truck driver’s fault

Eye witness reports and investigators reported that the truck in question was moving in an easterly direction on Dakota avenue when out of nowhere the skateboarder popped up in front of the path of the truck. The driver was unable to react in time and stop the truck and ended up running him over. The truck driver remained at the scene and is said to be co-operating with investigators and other local authorities. This is what the most prolific Fresno, CA truck driving accident attorneys would recommend.

Investigators have confirmed that the truck driver passed all sobriety screening, they have hence ruled out the possibility of drugs or alcohol being a contributing factor in the crash. At this point in time, investigators have reported that it seems like the accident was nothing more than an accident. The skater should have been more aware and diligent of his surroundings. He came onto a busy roadway without checking to see if it was clear and there really was not much the truck driver could do to avert the accident.

After the truck struck the skateboarder it then dragged him along for a distance of about 50 yards as it braked and screeched to a halt. The identity of the skateboarded has not been released as authorities are required to first inform his family about the death. However, it has surfaced that the decedent was a 27 year old male whose family may not have to become well acquainted with the site USAttorneys.com to hire a Fresno truck driving accident attorney since it seems the case is closed.

Truck accident near South Selma results in one fatality

A man from Valley, Fresno was killed in an accident with a truck that occurred last week just a couple of miles south of the town of Selma on Highway 43, according to ABC30. The decedent has been identified as a 29 year old male from Dinuba but his name has not been released to the public as authorities will first need to establish communication with his family or living relatives.

Residents living in the area heard the crash and rushed to the accident scene. They testified that the car and the truck involved in the accident barely missed crashing into some of the houses nearby. The crash also uprooted a big orange tree near the area. The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident and is yet to determine who is liable for it. It is not known whether prosecutors will file charges against the truck driver and Fresno, CA truck driving accident lawyers are waiting with bated breath as well since this could bolster their case.

Truck accident laws – California

Truck Accidents have become a regular occurrence on the roads of California. Sadly, most of them are fatal and claim many innocent lives. California State law accommodates a separate and extensive section of laws just to deal with trucking, truck operators, truck driver etc. Therefore, it takes an experienced attorney that specializes in these laws to deal with and sue negligent trucking companies.

If you or someone you know have been adversely affected by a negligent truck driver or company make sure to appoint a qualified California truck accident attorney right away and you will be well on your way to receiving the compensation you rightfully deserve.