A roll over truck accident in Barton County, Kansas has resulted in the death of a 63-year old man identified as Philip L. Bryant, as reported by salinapost.com.

Bad luck or careless driving?

According to investigators, the vehicle Bryant was driving has been identified as 1989 GMC 1500 truck. He was driving in an easterly direction on East Barton County Road in the proximity of Block 1100 when he lost control of the vehicle and drove it into a ditch.

The impact sent the truck flipping over and Bryant had become stuck inside the vehicle.

A law enforcement officer who was out doing routine rounds of the area spotted the upside down GMC 1500 and immediately called if for back up assistance. Emergency medical technicians that arrived on the scene measured Bryant’s vitals and pronounced him dead.

According to investigators, they have not fully understood what caused the single vehicle accident. They cannot confirm whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash until an autopsy report is generated.

28-year old from Junction City, Kansas in hospital with injuries after concrete truck crash

The accident occurred on Monday in Morris County on US Highway 77. According to Kansas Highway Patrol, the vehicle involved was an enormous 2008 Mack concrete truck operated by a 28-year old driver identified as Benjamin Thomas Reeves who hails from Junction City, as reported by salinapost.com.

The vehicle was travelling in a southerly direction on Highway 77 and was approximately 4 miles from the town of Herington when it crashed into a ditch. Reeves lost directional stability and the truck drifted right into a ditch on the western side of the highway. To compensate, Reeves panicked and steered left, which caused the truck to over correct and come back onto the highway, fall on its side and end up blocking both the northbound and southbound lanes of US Highway 77. Reeves was rushed to a nearby hospital called Herington Regional Hospital for treatment.

Truck accidents in Kansas and why it’s a prudent idea to get yourself a truck accident attorney

Unfortunately, trucking accidents have become a common occurrence in the streets of Kansas these days. It is very seldom that a truck accident is not the fault of a negligent trucking company or a negligent truck driver. Trucking companies are bound by a special set of laws to ensure safe and efficient operations of these large and heavy vehicles but some are known to disregard some of these laws to cut corners and save money.

Trucking companies are supposed to maintain journey logs, hire and train qualified truck drivers, and ensure that their drivers do not work more hours than law permits. They also must ensure that the drivers do not suffer from medical conditions which may compromise the safety of the truck, and are required to comply with maintenance standards.

Therefore, it is always wise to seek professional legal help from an experienced Salina KS truck accident attorney who can be found on the magnetic website USAttorneys.com so that they receive fair compensation. Attorneys well versed with trucking laws know for a fact that a trucking company would have over looked a law or two and will bring it to light in a court of law and end up successfully suing the company.