Nashua City’s Emergency management director’s house has been defaced after a Chevrolet Tahoe pickup truck ploughed right into it recently over the last week.

That is not where you want to park your car!

As reported by, the crash resulted in the director and his wife momentarily homeless. The director made a statement saying that it sounded like something had exploded and it caused nearly the entire house to shake and had certainly caught both of them off guard.

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Thankfully, it was only the director, Justin Kates and his wife who were in the building at the time. Kates said that they were sound asleep and were startled awake thanks to the explosive noise and the fact that the whole house shook when the truck slammed into it.

This is why some people have large trees or boulders in front of their home to offer a natural protection from out of control drives and threats and so on.

Kates said that he jumped out of bed and went to investigate what had happened which is when he realized that a truck had slammed into the front of the house and had caused significant structural damage to the building.

Supposedly, the truck also caused the gas meter to be broken off which resulted in a significant gas leak. The house, Kates continued, filled up with smoke at a rapid pace and could have very easily set off a devastating explosion and fire. Noticing the gas leak, Kates was quick to act by calling the fire department right away and he himself also helped the responding fire department emergency personnel isolate the valve to the meter.

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Because of the gas leak, three houses in the proximity were evacuated as a precautionary measure. The identity of the driver has not been released yet and Kates and his wife have temporarily moved into an area hotel since their house is not in a habitable state at this time.

Kates mentioned to media personnel that he was having issues finding a company that would visit the house and assess the structural damage and fix it. Kates said that this was going to be a long process.

It does not seem that anyone knows why or how the truck driver did this.

Car Fully Pinned Underneath Tractor Trailer, Man Survives

You do not want to drive underneath a truck’s trailer.

A man from New Hampshire can count his blessings after he miraculously survived a truck accident in which his entire car was completely pinned underneath a tractor trailer. According to, the auto accident happened midweek on Route 101 East in Hampton in the afternoon.

The man was in a Honda Civic and was moving in an easterly direction on Route 101 when he lost control of the car and ended up driving it underneath the tanker portion of a 1999 Peterbilt tractor-tanker combo vehicle which was on the right lane and also east bound.

The survivor has been identified as 34 year old Daniel Decoteau who hails from Milford. He was travelling alone in the civic and the tractor tanker had no other passengers either.

This was shown in a Fast and Furious movie but the low cars they were driving were able to travel underneath the trailer with no incident.

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