Truck occupants sustain fatal injuries after falling from highway

Austin, TX – Pickup trucks can be dangerous if they are involved in an accident. There is the possibility of the people inside of the vehicle sustaining large amounts of impact, especially if the truck is a large size as many that are commonly used for commercial purposes.

Fox 7 Austin reported on an incident where multiple fatalities were reported after a pickup truck fell from an overpass [1].

Multiple fatalities reported after pickup truck falls off of highway

The crash happened on Highway 71 westbound in the southeast Austin area. Police believe that a car and a pickup truck struck each other in this area. The truck fell off of the highway overpass and onto an access road below following the initial impact. 

Travis County EMS along with local police and the fire department all responded to the accident scene in the 3600 block of Todd Lane at approximately 3 am. When they arrived, they found that everyone inside of the pickup truck had died during the accident. An initial investigation revealed that the truck had a long fall of approximately 30 feet off of the highway, then the engine caught on fire. The people in the car sustained only minor injuries. While police did not have an exact cause of the accident, they said that witnesses described the truck going at a high rate of speed before the collision. 

Legal advice following a truck accident

There are a number of different factors that can determine a course of action following a truck accident. The people involved should always remain at the scene, contact the local police to report the crash if there are injuries or property damage, and notify their insurance company when it is safe to do so. 

Whether the vehicle was used for standard or commercial purposes, either the driver or the business that owns the truck may potentially be sued for negligence. This tends to happen in many situations where there is some kind of negligent behavior such as drunk driving, speeding, illegal lane changes, or distracted driving. Truck accident attorneys in Austin have extensive behavior negotiating settlements on behalf of their clients in these situations. The compensation available should be sufficient to cover medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Truck accident lawyers in Texas

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