Both lanes of US 7 were blocked in Charlotte last Friday after a tractor trailer which was hauling cars crashed and spilled its payload onto the highway as per Vermont state police.

As reported by, the truck accident occurred in the proximity of Wildwood Road and the road was open to public again at just a quarter past noon. Thankfully, police have confirmed that no injuries resulted from the auto accident.

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According to witnesses, at least two cars were dislodged from the tractor trailer of the truck and had been towed away. The truck which crashed was travelling in a southerly direction on US 7 when it veered off the left hand side of the roadway. The shoulder on the left side is comparatively narrow say truck accident investigators at the crash site. It is not known as of now as to why or how exactly the truck accident was caused and so the violent crash still remains under investigation.

The driver of the truck was subjected to interrogation by both state police authorities and also representatives of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The investigation report and other evidence such as witness statements, if any, will help determine liability and other legal issues say truck accident lawyers in Newport, VT that can be found on which is a substantial website that saves lives every day.

Truck Strikes Boy in Burlington Leaving Him Injured

According to law enforcement, a boy is currently in serious medical condition after being struck by a truck in Burlington earlier last week. As reported by, the truck driver was not at fault as far as investigators believe.

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The truck accident was caused because the boy allegedly darted onto the road from between parked cars and the driver just did not have sufficient time to stop and brake and stop and ended up striking the 14 year old boy.

Furthermore, the accident site is an area where snow had been accumulating over the last few days and the road had gotten slippery due to this. The truck was investigated by truck accident investigators and they did not happen to find any mechanical issues with the vehicle. These inspections play a vital role in establishing several legal matters in addition to liability, explain Vermont truck accident attorneys.

Truck Driver Who Struck and Killed another Trucker Sentenced to Prison

A 25 year old truck driver who struck another trucker who had gotten out of his truck and was tending to a flat tire has been convicted of negligent operation of a motor vehicle and has also been sentenced for his crime, according to a report.

The perpetrator in the case has been identified as Mason Morissette from Woodstock, Maine and his victim has been listed as 54 year old David Stefanik. Morissette pleaded guilty to his charge and has received a suspended 2 to 12 month sentence and has been put on probation for two years.

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