Nashville, TN – Because of the dangers inherent in trucking and driving long hours, Tennessee has regulated truck driving through the use of commercial licenses and other means. There are specific intrastate trucking rules that coincide with national regulations for interstate driving of commercial vehicles. The government can fine or sanction drivers with citations who do not carefully follow these laws and licensing requirements. In addition to these issues, an accident victim who was harmed in a collision due to a truck driver’s negligence may sue both the individual driver and the company that the driver works for. In most cases, the parent company will end up paying the damages through their fleet insurance or other financial reserves. 

Various state and federal regulations

The specific regulations for weight and dimensions say that a truck can be no larger than eight feet wide by thirteen feet high. The vehicle may also weigh a maximum of up to 80,000 pounds, but no more. Anyone who violates these regulations is guilty of a class C misdemeanor under Tennessee law. 

Commercial drivers need to have a medical card that says they are in good health and able to operate a semi trailer safely. Even with these qualifications, there are federal transportation laws that regulate the total number of hours that a trucker can actually be driving within a day, as well as total working hours which may include non-driving activities. These time limits set by the federal government are meant to stop drivers from operating their vehicles when they may be tired or not alert. 

Truckers who do not obey the law and civil lawsuits

Violations of trucking laws and regulations may result in legal action, in addition to actions by the government such as issuing citations. If a driver has violated a regulation when they caused an accident, evidence of this violation can be used to help prove negligence in a civil lawsuit. 

Accident lawsuits

When a trucking company is sued, the victim will have to prove that the driver was negligent for engaging in some kind of behavior on the road. This can include things like speeding, traffic violations, or violations of the trucking regulations above. The negligence case will say that the driver breached their standard duty of care, causing a collision, which resulted in damages. Damages are the losses for things like medical bills and treatment, property damage, and lost wages. 

Finding out more about lawsuits against truckers and trucking businesses

Anyone who was hurt by a large semi truck or similar commercial vehicle in the Nashville area can meet with an experienced accident attorney. George Fusner is available to file accident lawsuits for local clients. 

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