Distracted drivers are one of the top causes of car and truck accidents in the U.S.

In a recent interview with a truck driver, it appears they aren’t always to blame for causing the major truck accidents that occur on our roadways. Although the size and weight of a truck contribute to the severity of an accident, not always are they the ones who initiated the chaos. Truckers are trained individuals who learn how to operate these massive trucks. But in the interview provided by The Mercury News, truckers see much more than a vast amount of road. They see motorists texting and driving. Truck accident lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA can also attest to that as they handle many cases involving broken families who lost a loved one as a result of a distracted driver.

Current fines for texting while driving in PA

In the state of Pennsylvania, a driver caught driving and texting could incur a fine of $50. One trucker believed that was far too low considering the amount of danger texting and driving brings to our streets. He mentioned that because of the visibility he has into most cars, he constantly sees drivers texting and looking back up at the road, swerving, then texting again. All it takes is one little slip and you could be driving your vehicle into the back of another automobile or even worse, a semi-truck.

Handsfreeinfo.com highlights that drivers who engage in an accident that results in bodily injury could face up to two years in prison or five years if their negligence results in a death of another. The law that outlines this is known as Daniel’s Law.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to try and reduce the number of drivers from using their cellphones as opposed to throwing a hefty charge on their backs after the fact? Perhaps with a larger fine incurred, drivers wouldn’t take the risk of texting any longer and maybe more lives would be saved.

Filing an injury claim after being injured in a truck accident

Although you may be a cautious driver and refrain from using your cell phone while operating your vehicle, truck accidents still manage to occur. Sometimes they are attributed to a distracted trucker and sometimes to other vehicles. Whether you are a truck driver yourself or have been harmed physically in a truck accident, there are certain steps you can take to help recover the costs from all the damages sustained.

The first thing you want to do is contact your insurer and of course, file a truck accident claim.

Contact a truck accident lawyer in Pittsburgh

Although it isn’t always necessary, truck accident attorneys in Pennsylvania are available to assist with the claims process. Whether you are in the beginning stages of filing a personal injury claim or yours has been rejected, a lawyer specializing in trucking collisions can in fact help you. USAttorneys.com can point you in the direction as to where you can find the best in the field.