The FMCSA order a driver to stop engaging in interstate commerce after he tested positive for drugs following Nevada crash.

Las Vegas, NV- Truck drivers are in command of large and heavy vehicles, so they need to be clear-headed. It is illegal for any motorist to be impaired by drugs or alcohol if they are behind the wheel, but some people including truck drivers ignore the law. Just this week, a truck driver was taken out of service after causing a drugged driving accident in Arizona.

Trucker Ordered to Cease Driving After Nevada Crash

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered a Montana-based truck driver to cease operating a commercial vehicle for interstate commerce.

According to the FMCSA press release, truck driver Robert Schefflmaer was driving a tanker carrying a hazardous material on Interstate 80 in Elko County, Nevada when he lost control of his vehicle and overturned causing the tractor to separate from the trailer. As a result, 51,000 gallons of ammonium bisulfite spilled from the tanker onto the roadway.

In a post-crash drug test, Schefflmaer was positive for a Schedule I controlled substance which is a violation of federal trucking regulations. During an investigation of the crash, the FMCSA also found that Schefflmaer altered his log books to avoid complying with federal fatigued driving rules.

On November 1, 2017, Schefflmaer was driving a livestock truck in Montana when he lost control and his vehicle overturned. Twenty calves died in the incident, and he was convicted of careless driving.

The FMCSA order, issued January 4, 2017, and any violation of the order could result in criminal and civil consequences.

Schefflmaer is the second truck driver taken out of service by the FMCSA in the past month. The other driver was caught passed out behind the wheel of his rig twice and tested positive for drug use on two occasions.

Hit by Trucker on Drugs? Call a Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

Truckers are in control of vehicles that when involved in an accident can be very destructive and cause multiple deaths. That is why commercial drivers are forbidden from using drugs and getting behind the wheel of a big rig. For the drivers that do, there are severe consequences for driving a commercial truck including revocation of a driver’s CDL and being taken out of service. Even so, some truckers drive impaired with little regard for the risks.

Truck accident victims may be entitled to compensation if they suffer an injury or lose a loved one to a drugged driver. recommends you contact a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas and discuss your crash and identify which parties are liable for your crash. A trucking company may be partially responsible for a truck wreck if they don’t conduct regular drug tests as federal law requires or knowingly allows a person with a positive drug test to drive for them. Call and set up a case consultation with an attorney near your Las Vegas location today, so you can identify the parties who must your economic damages.

Call and arrange a case evaluation with a commercial trucking accident lawyer in Las Vegas if you are hurt by a drug-impaired trucker.