Overturned truck in crashJackson, WI- A truck driver who is accused of a causing a tractor-trailer accident in Tennessee that killed six people is wanted for drug charges in Wisconsin, where he used to live.

WRCB-TV reports that Benjamin Scott Brewer is wanted in Rock County, Wisconsin on a warrant for a drug charge.

The accident took place in June 30th, on Interstate 75 just outside Chattanooga. According to reports, traffic on the interstate came to a stop for a construction zone when the truck driven by Brewer slammed into a line of cars. One of the struck vehicles immediately burst into flames instantly killing the four occupants inside, which included two children. Two men in separate vehicles were also killed I the crash, the Times Free Press reported.

Several people were also injured.

An investigation of this accident showed that the truck Brewer was driving has a couple of minor mechanical problems, but that was not the cause of the accident, according WRBC-TV. What exactly set off this tragic accident is not known, but Brewer is cooperating with police.

An investigation by WRCB-TV revealed that Brewer is wanted in Wisconsin for misdemeanor possession of a prescription drugs stemming from a 2013 arrest. He apparently obtained an illegal prescription for Oxycodone and attempted to have it filled Wisconsin.

This is a common scenario in truck accidents, especially during summer months when there is more road construction and heavier traffic. Traffic stops or slows at a construction zone or congestion, but the tractor-trailer behind them doesn’t notice and crashes into a line of cars at a rate of high speed. A similar accident occurred in Keystone, Wisconsin just a couple of weeks before this collision.

Fortunately, that accident, which occurred on June 12, didn’t result in any fatalities, but several victims suffered serious injuries. This particular accident occurred because a tractor-trailer failed to notice a minivan making a left turn and pushed into oncoming traffic where it was struck head-on.

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