A T-bone or broadside collision is one of the most deadly a motorists can be involved in because they are often at the center of impact.

A T-bone or broadside collision is one of the most deadly a motorists can be involved in because they are often at the center of impact.

Pittsburgh, PA- A truck driver, is facing charges after he allegedly caused a midday accident that left one man dead and two others injured. Did the driver run a red light?

WPXI reports that the incident occurred on Tuesday, June 14th around 12:00 p.m. in Salem Township, Pennsylvania. Witnesses told the broadcaster that they saw a truck plow through an intersection on Route 22 and broadsided a pickup truck, trapping it between the rig and a light pole. As the truck went through the red-light, it set off a chain-reaction collision that involved several vehicles.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports that the 67-year-old man driving pickup was trapped inside for about an hour as emergency crews worked to free him from the mangled wreckage. When he was freed, he was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

A witness told reporters that the truck driver ran the red light. The driver told police he tried to stop but he couldn’t because his vehicle was too heavy and it had no engine brake. He said he had been having trouble with his brakes and had to stop before the crash to let his brakes cool down. He said the light turned yellow, but he didn’t want to slam on his brakes.

The 26-year old man driving the tractor-trailer has been charged with vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, speeding, failure to stop for a red light and careless driving, according to Action News 4.

Mechanical failure is one of the leading causes of commercial truck accidents.

There are a couple of reasons why motorists and truck drivers run red lights and stop sign. Mechanical failure is one, impatience is another, but most of the time, inattention is what causes truck drivers to plow through red lights and stop signs. For this particular accident, mechanical failure

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