Many are calling it a freak accident and others are saying it may have been able to be prevented. Last week, Howard Sexton was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in his tractor-trailer when “a piece of metal electrical conduit fell from the ceiling of the southbound Lehigh Tunnel.” A conduit is a pipe-like device that holds wires that work to power the lights and ventilation fans located inside the tunnel. Unfortunately, the piece that had detached pierced the windshield of the truck Sexton was driving causing his vehicle to continue on for about a mile before it came to a stop. When first responders arrived on scene, Sexton was pronounced dead.

As a result of Sexton’s death, some are questioning whether these tunnels are being maintained and if more can be done to prevent further accidents such as this from occurring. Although the Lehigh Tunnel is one of the few that have a conduit located directly above traffic, pointed out that other tunnels have issues of their own that could, in fact, put a driver’s life at risk. For instance, one tunnel has aging tiles that can come lose and others have leaks that can cause icicles to form. And both can be a hazard when falling from several feet in the air and hitting a vehicle that is traveling at a fast pace.

Currently, it seems as though the Turnpike Commission is following procedure in terms of inspecting these tunnels, perhaps when it comes time in September to update or replace certain features that we now know to be hazardous to motorists. The commission takes initiative in ensuring these tunnels are safe by conducting inspections every two years and having visual inspections by staff be conducted between the biennial inspections.

The commission already had planned to replace the lighting system on both sides of the Lehigh Tunnel this year prior to this fatal accident occurring but now more than ever have a reason to do so. Sadly, that still won’t bring back the life that was taken.


Roadway Accidents Happen When We Least Expect Them To


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