Police suspect speed and too much weight led to a deadly commercial truck wreck in Wyoming.

Albany County, WY- A commercial truck, whether it’s a semi-truck, tanker, auto carrier or other large truck, can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. or more.  Their extreme weight combined with speed can turn a large truck into a deadly machine under the wrong circumstances. That’s the lesson that can be gleaned from a truck wreck in Wyoming.

Truck Driver Dies in Wyoming Rollover Crash

A Colorado truck driver was killed in early August on a Wyoming highway when his commercial truck overturned.

A crash report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol says that the truck driver was on a steep section of Highway 230 when he lost control in a right-hand curve. The truck rolled over and came to rest on the roof.

K2Radio reports the truck weighed 140,000 lbs. Wyoming Highway Patrol said the large truck was going too fast for its weight and steepness of the road.

The truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene. No other vehicles were involved.

Speed-Related Truck Wrecks: Facts and Prevention

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that one in four fatal truck accidents in the U.S. That’s a large percentage of lives that could be saved every year if commercial truck drivers adhered to the posted speed limit for a street or interstate. Avoiding a speed-related crash is easy if a truck driver follows a few steps:

Be Mindful of Speed Limits

Speed limits change depending on the terrain and road conditions, so truck drivers need to pay careful attention to the posted speed, especially on unfamiliar roads and interstates. A sudden turn or taking a curve at a high speed increases the chances of a rollover crash.

When road conditions deteriorate because of weather or traffic volume, drivers need to slow down and maintain a slower speed until conditions improve.

Careful on Entrance and Exit Ramps

Commercial trucks can topple or run off the road if the enter a ramp at too fast. Truck drivers need to slow down when they approach a ramp and adjust their speed accordingly.

Use Caution When Approaching Curves

Curves can be tricky to navigate because it’s hard to see oncoming vehicles and can be difficult for a driver to stay in their lane. Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks are also prone to tipping over in a curve because they have a higher center of gravity.

Slow Down in Construction Zones

Road construction zones are hazardous for all motorists and road crews. Truck drivers, like all motorists, must obey the speed limit in a construction zone. That way they can avoid putting themselves in a situation where they have to make evasive maneuvers like slamming on the brakes.

Truck drivers have very heavy machinery under their control, and they should recognize the hazards of driving at high speed. If they don’t, and a person or persons are harmed or killed, a trucking injury lawyer will make sure a negligent truck driver takes responsibility for being reckless.

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