4-Truck-Accidents-Fatal-CollisionLake County, IL- A traffic accident involving close to 200 vehicles left one truck driver dead and dozens of motorists injured as snow blanketed I-94 in Michigan last Friday.

Police said the massive pile up occurred on the westbound and eastbound sides of the interstate and involved approximately 193 vehicles, including 23 commercial trucks, one carrying fireworks and another carrying formic acid.

Snow began to fall suddenly on 1-94 between Battle Creek and Galesburg, causing the interstate to become very slippery. Slick road conditions along with low visibility and high winds led to the accident. One witness told CBS that there was no traction on the road after the snow hit and cars were hitting each other at very high speeds.

One crash led to another and soon I-94 was turned into chaotic scene with the wreckage of cars and trucks scattered in both lanes of the interstate. After colliding with other vehicles, the truck carrying fireworks exploding causing it other vehicles to erupt in blaze. The truck carrying formic acid began to leak, damaging the roadway and forcing police to order an evacuation of area within a three-mile radius of the accident.

Amazingly, only one person was killed in this accident, a truck driver from Canada.

Police said snow and low-visibility were factors in the accident, but are still investigating to pinpoint to exact cause.

This was a massive accident, but it was not an anomaly this winter. There has been a spate of pile-ups involving dozens of vehicles this winter. Thus far in 2015, this was the fourth major accident involving dozens of vehicle, and the second for Michigan.

Earlier on Friday, another pile up in Michigan, occurring on U.S. 23 involved, 40 vehicles and was caused when two tractor-trailers jackknifed. One person was killed and dozens were injured.

Earlier last week another pile up occurred in Pennsylvania. That accident was  the result of a sudden snow storm and involved 18 vehicles.  Two people were killed and dozens were injured.

And on Monday of last week, five people were injured when 20 vehicles collided in Altoona, Iowa. That accident was also caused by snow and ice that suddenly blanketed the area.

Surprisingly, these pile ups have not resulted in a large number of fatalities, but these accidents have caused injury to dozens. These multiple-vehicle accidents demonstrate the destruction sudden changes in the weather can cause on the nation’s highway.

In inclement weather or other adverse road conditions, all motorists should take precautions to prevent an accident. This especially true in Illinois and other Midwest states where snow and ice are common in the winter. That means truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists must adjust their speed and other driving behaviors that could lead to an accident. This is especially true of truck drivers who happen to be in command of large vehicles that can cause a great deal of destruction when involved in an accident.

If you have been involved in serious truck accident, you can turn to a truck accident attorney in Lake County for help. They will begin working on your case and build an unbeatable injury claim on your behalf.