Cell phones are the leading behind-the-wheel distraction for passenger-vehicle motorists and truck drivers.

Augusta, GA- A Louisiana truck driver who caused a 2015 fatal accident that killed five nursing students outside of Savannah, was formally charged with five counts of murder according to reports.

Reuters reports that John Wayne Johnson was indicted for five counts of first-degree homicide by vehicle, one count of vehicular assault, and one count of criminal responsibility of corporations, WASV-TV reported.

The accident occurred in April of 2015 and grabbed the attention of the national media because it was a reminder of how easily multiple lives can be cut short. Five Georgia nursing students were traveling to Savannah on Interstate 16 when a tractor-trailer driven by Johnson plowed into the two vehicles carrying the women.

WSAV-TV reports that Johnson admitted to texting when the collision occurred. It only takes a little over four seconds to send a text message, but with the high speeds so common on interstates, a truck can travel a long distance. In those few seconds, traffic can come to a sudden stop as it did when the five nursing students were hit, and the truck driver won’t be able to stop from running off of the road or ramming into one or more passenger vehicles.

During their investigation of the accident, WSAV found that the trucking company Johnson drove for, Total Transport, had been cited over 107 times

Looking at a text message takes a truck driver’s eyes off of the road for at least four seconds.

No motorist, whether they are driving a car, truck or a tanker should be texting behind the wheel. There is no justification for this risky behavior, so it’s only fair that a texting driver is held accountable if they harm or kill another person or persons. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck driver is 5.9 times more likely to cause an accident when dialing a cells phone. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says that cognitive distraction is nearly as dangerous as drunken driving.

Texting while driving are wrong because it causes tragedies like this one. It’s a terrible habit that can have unimaginable consequences. Victims of distracted drivers face exorbitant medical bills and have to deal with intense physical and emotional pain, so they need someone on their side who understands the value of their claim. If you are the victim of a distracted truck driver, let USAttorneys connect you with expert legal counsel. We have an experienced team of truck accident lawyers in Augusta who will fight to get you an optimal settlement.

A big rig accident can leave a victim with severe injuries to the head, neck and spine.

A big rig accident can leave a victim with severe injuries to the head, neck, and spine.

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