Certain bad driving habits increase a driver’s risk of being in a traffic accident.

Nassau County, NY- It takes skill and experience to drive an 80,000-pound vehicle. Truck drivers don’t just need experience; they also need be safe drivers with a good driving history. Unfortunately, too many truck drivers on the roads have troubling driving records which

The correlation between driving history and truck accidents

A prior study conducted by the American Transport Research Institute found that there was a correlation between trucker’s driving history and their risk of being causing a truck wreck. The Institute analyzed crash data from 587,772 truck drivers operating in the U.S. and pinpointed some of the behaviors that can lead to crash risk.

Failure to signal and improper passing violations are common among truck drivers involved in traffic collisions.

Actions associated with an increased crash risk

Following are a few of traffic violations that increase a truck driver’s risk of causing a crash per the ATRI:

Failure to use a signal-Drivers who were convicted of this traffic violation had 96 percent increased crash risk.

Improper passing- This traffic conviction increased crash risk by 88 percent.

Past crashes- Truck drivers with a wreck on their driving history were 88 percent more likely to cause a crash in the future.

Improper or erratic lane change- This traffic collision increased accident risk by 80 percent.

Other traffic violation convictions that predict crash risk include failure to obey a traffic sign or signal, driving 15 miles over the speed limit, inattentive or reckless driving and negligent driving.

A trucker’s driving history is important and can indicate if a driver will eventually be in an accident.

Why driving history is important?

A truck driver’s driving history is critical and can indicate crash risk as the above data demonstrates. Being convicted of a traffic violation doesn’t mean a truck driver is going to be involved in an accident, but it does point to a pattern of risky behavior if that driver has several violations in their past. When a trucking company hires a driver, they have a duty to ensure that driver isn’t going to put lives at risk.

Most trucking companies are thorough and won’t employ drivers with a troubling driving history because of the liability issues. However, should a New York trucking company knowingly hires a truck driver with a horrible driving history or a suspended commercial driver’s license.

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