Truck driver goes through guardrail on West Virginia highway

Bridgeport, WV – When a trucker is driving long hours on a highway, it is possible that they can get distracted or fatigued and lose control of their vehicle. There are trucking regulations that are meant to give drivers rest periods to help avoid this scenario, however accidents are still common.

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reported on a truck collision in Wood County, West Virginia [1]. 

Truck collides with guardrail on Interstate 77

Wood County’s Sheriff was still in the process of investigating the accident at Interstate 77’s southbound exit to Emerson Ave in Parkersburg. They released a statement that a truck had gone through a guardrail and over a hill, and one person was confirmed to have died. Traffic was blocked in the area for hours as a towing company and other first responders tried to extract the vehicle. No exact cause of the accident was known or given in the news report. 

The victim was identified as a 35 year old male from the town of Cambridge. 

The importance of trucking regulations

Situations like this demonstrate why the trucking industry is heavily regulated. There are a number of potential problems that can happen related to the driver and getting fatigued or distracted, their cargo, mechanical problems with the vehicle, or various other things that can go wrong and result in an accident. While not all safety violations are caught, police have the authority to stop a vehicle and take it out of service if it is not compliant with these commercial vehicle regulations. Evidence of violations may also be used during the course of a civil lawsuit filed by anyone hurt in the accident.  

Liability for the driver or employer

In most cases where the driver is the employee of the trucking company, they will be responsible for any damage that occurs during the course of a crash. There are some drivers who are independent contractors or owner operators, and they will generally have their own insurance and accept responsibility for accident damage. An attorney who focuses on truck accident cases can explain who may be liable for any given accident depending on these factors and other variables.  They can also work with clients to get the maximum amount of compensation available. 

Truck accident lawyers in West Virginia

Kaufman and McPherson is a law firm that helps injury and accident victims in West Virginia. Their lawyers can provide more information about the process to file a lawsuit for compensation during an initial meeting. 

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