St. Louis, MO- Accidents involving large commercial trucks can have a variety of causes, with distraction speeding and fatigue being the top three, but there are lesser known causes to a potentially deadly truck collision. One of those is medical events and they can occur at any moment and setting in motion a chain of events that can lead to a deadly or injurious truck accident.

Because there is a much higher rate obesity among truck drivers, there is also a high rate of medical conditions, such as diabetes and/or hypertension, which could lead to an adverse medical event on the road. A 2013 study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that the rate of obesity among truck driver is 69 percent higher than other workers in other occupations. What’s more, nearly 38 percent of truck drivers don’t have health insurance, so many truck drivers are not getting the medical care they need, as is the case with many Americans.

Although, the FMCSA found that 80 percent of truck drivers self-reported they are in excellent to good health, one day one of them is bound to experience a medical event and possibly cause a horrific truck accident.

If the medical emergency was unanticipated, a driver might be able to avoid liability for an accident by under the “Sudden Medical Emergency” doctrine. The premise being that a medical event is an “act of god” and said event could not have been anticipated or controlled. Therefore, the at-fault truck driver is not negligent for a victim’s injury or death and not required to compensate the victims.

Fortunately for some accident victims, a “sudden medical emergency defense” doesn’t forbid them from pursing an at-fault truck driver for compensation, but it does make the process of recovering compensation much more complicated and challenging. This is one of the many reasons Missouri truck accident victims should let allow a truck accident lawyer to work on their truck accident claim.

Truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists cannot always help if they suffer from a medical condition while driving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be held accountable for any property damage or personal injuries they cause. Although this shouldn’t happen, some drivers aren’t honest about their medical conditions or the medications they are taking when they apply for a regular or commercial driver’s license. Even worse, there are medical professionals willing to look the other way and approve a person for work who maybe shouldn’t be behind the wheel of an 80,000 lb. vehicle.

A truck accident can be very serious, leaving victims with catastrophic or deadly injuries. Even though most truck accidents are not intentional, the victims still shouldn’t have to take their medical costs and other accident-related expenses from their pockets. When you retain one of our truck accident lawyers in St. Louis, you have someone who is going to stand up for you and your family and get you the compensation you deserve.

No matter the cause of your truck accident, USAttorneys recommends you get the advice of lawyer who understands Missouri’s personal injury laws and knows the true cost of your injuries.