According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), over 16,000 fatal truck crashes and over 306,000 truck crashes involving injuries have occurred in the United States in the last five-year period. Since the harm caused by such collisions often results in very expensive damages, it is always in a person’s best interest to connect with a qualified truck accident attorney so they are not left to face their damages on their own and they can receive fair compensation for their losses.

One of the most important legal aspects to take care of after a truck accident is to determine who is at fault for the collision taking place. It is vital to determine who is at fault because only after negligence is proved, can compensation be given. Unfortunately, truck accidents often involve longer investigations because there are so many more factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining fault.

Firstly, there are so many different parties who need to be investigated, such as the trucking company, and the truck maintenance company alongside the truck driver. Secondly, the damage is often a lot more serious and all the victims will have to be properly medically assessed to see the extent of the harm they suffered, and this can take some time as well.

Once the fault is established and a person knows who was at fault for the collision, that party can be held responsible for paying compensation to everyone who suffered. In many cases, the truck driver is at fault for causing the accident. Truck drivers are so prone to getting into collisions because of the nature of their work.

They are expected to drive for long hours to get their cargo delivered in time and this often leads to them operating their vehicle despite being fatigued. There are many rules put forward by the Department of Transportation that compels drivers to take long breaks and also to check on the maintenance of their vehicle at very regular intervals, however, truck drivers often do not follow these rules because they want to earn more and this puts themselves and everyone else on the road in danger as well. Trucks are also difficult to operate and they have large blind spots due to their size and this also contributes to the danger they possess as well.

Get in Touch with a Truck Accident Attorney in Essex County, NJ

Anyone who suffers a personal injury in a truck accident has two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. If a person wants to file their claim successfully, they should get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in dealing with truck accident cases as soon as possible so they do not miss the deadline.

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