Baltimore, MD- A Miami truck driver was cited after an accident on an Interstate 95 in Newark, approximately 64 miles north east of Baltimore—which released millions of honey bees in the surrounding area.

The accident occurred around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday as the driver or a tractor-trailer carrying 16 to 20 million bees was involved in a single vehicle truck accident. Delaware Online reported that as the driver was navigating a curve when the load of 460 hive boxes shifted causing the truck to overturn, releasing millions of bees into the area.

Police have cited the driver, Adolpho Guerra, 55, of Miami, Florida, for having an unsafe load. He suffered between 50 and 100 bee stings and was taken to a local hospital. Two of his passengers also suffered multiple stings which required medical treatment. A few other motorists reported being stung.

According to Delaware Online, the swarm of bees was so large that even an hour after the truck overturned officials couldn’t get close to the truck.

The Delaware Department of Transportation arranged to have three beekeepers come to the scene and disperse the bees.
The bees were being transported from Florida to Maine to pollinate.

Transporting bees across the country have increased over the past few years via the nation’s highways and interstates. Bee populations in many areas have suffered from a disease called “colony collapse disorder.” Bees are essential to the agricultural industry as pollinators and are typically used for nuts, fruits, berries and vegetables.

This is the second truck accident involving escaped bees this month, and among several that have occurred over the past few years since bee populations have experienced catastrophic decline.

A catastrophic accident can easily result from an improperly loaded or overloaded tractor-trailer. Objects from an improperly loaded truck can become unsafe projectiles which crash into other vehicles and lead to devastating truck accidents. Objects from improperly loaded or secure trucks can also leave hazardous objects in the road. Additionally, an overloaded truck is harder to stop and can cause extensive damage to person and property as a result of their extreme weight.

Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring their trucks are properly loaded and within the legal weight limit. If they fail to secure their load or are overweight and your or a family member suffers as a result, a driver or trucking company is financially responsible for their negligence.

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