Memphis, TN- Drunken driving is a much bigger issues among passenger vehicle motorists, making it one of three leading causes of traffic deaths in the U.S.  But there are occasions in which truck drivers engage in this reckless behavior and people lose their lives as a consequence.

A recent accident, which occurred in Georgia, resulted in the death of a missionary and mother of three. Police say that on August 14th a truck driver parked his rig near a factory when it slipped out of gear and began rolling. At the same time, a car carrying a mother and father along with two of their children were passing by the truck. Both vehicles collided, causing the rig to roll over onto the family’s vehicle.

WSB-TV reports that it took emergency crews two hours to free the family from the crumbled wreckage of their vehicle. The mother was pronounced dead on the scene, but her husband and two children survived the crash.

Police later discovered that the truck driver was intoxicated and forgot to engage the parking brake even though his rig was parked on a steep hill, according the WSB-TV. Workers at the plant told police he was acting erratically.

The truck driver was eventually charged with six counts of vehicular homicide, involuntary manslaughter and DUI.

This was the second tragic accident involving an impaired truck driver to grab national headlines in the past several weeks.

The other one occurred just outside Chattanooga on I-75 in late June and left six people dead and several people injured. The driver in this incident lost control of his rig and slammed into a line of cars that had slowed for a construction zone.

Police later discovered that he was impaired at the time of the crash and was wanted in Wisconsin for selling prescription drugs. That driver was since been charged with the six deaths and arrested.

Overall, impaired driving among truck drivers is far less common than for passenger vehicle motorists. According to a 20007 study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, less than 1 percent of truck drivers involved in fatal or injurious truck accidents were impaired when the collision occurred. That’s is a very small percentage consider how common drunken driving is for passenger vehicle motorists. But these two accidents show how destructive and gruesome and tractor-trailer accident can be when a truck driver is drunk or on drugs.

Federal regulations call for stiff penalties for truck drivers who are impaired when they get behind the wheel. The maximum blood alcohol content truck drivers are allowed to have is .04. Any driver caught drinking or using drugs while on duty can lose their CDL for one to two years and therefore their livelihood. They will also have to take on a considerable amount of liability when people are killed or injured.

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