04-09-2012- Truck-Accident-Attorney-News-BlogSavannah, GA- A Georgia truck driver has been charged with drugged driving and labeled an imminent hazard by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Savannah Police have charged 63-year-old Robert Lee Turner with driving under the influence and driving without a vehicle tag or decal, and he was held in $4,800 bond, according to WSAV.

Turner was behind the wheel on March 2nd when he struck Port Authority officer Corporal William Solomon who was standing outside his patrol car directing traffic, WSAV reported.

WSLV reports that Soloman is still in a coma nearly a month after his accident.

Turner tested positive for cocaine use and has been labeled an imminent hazard by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and ordered to cease operations.

In a statement, FMCSA Chief Counsel Scott Darling said, according to Trucking Info: “Commercial drivers should have no doubt that we will vigorously enforce all federal safety regulations to the fullest extent possible by law. FMCSA is committed to raising the bar for commercial vehicle safety, and we will remain vigilant in removing unsafe truck and bus drivers from our roadways.”

Drunken and drugged driving accidents involving commercial truck drivers are not nearly as common as DUI accidents involving passenger vehicle motorists. But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen despite the fact that a truck driver risks losing their commercial driver’s license and their means of making a living. For a first DUI offense a truck driver could lose their license for at least a year; a second offense could lead to a lifetime revocation of a driver’s CDL.

Truck drivers, who cause an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, also face costly fines and could be sentenced to jail depending in the severity of the crash. Not only are there criminal implications for a DUI truck accident, there are also civil consequences. Victims of truck accidents have the right to retain a Savannah truck accident attorney to seek compensation from an at-fault truck driver. If a trucking company knowingly allows a driver with a troubling record in the road, they too may be held accountable for any injuries or deaths that result from a serious accident.

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