A North Carolina woman was killed when she tried to avoid being hit by a tractor-trailer making an unsafe lane change.

Winston-Salem, NC- Having a large commercial truck encroach on your lane is a very frightening experience. Most motorists are aware that they could suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries if they get pushed under a truck, so drivers do whatever they can to avoid being in a semi’s way. But that too can put a motorist at risk, as a recent crash in North Carolina shows.

North Carolina Woman Killed Trying to Avoid Semi Crash

North Carolina Highway Patrol says that a Conover woman was killed in a commercial trucking accident on Interstate 40 in Hildebrand on January 10, 2018. The early morning crash tied up the westbound lanes for several hours.

According to the NCHP, a woman in an SUV and a semi-truck were riding side-by-side when the truck came over into her lane, forcing the woman to veer onto the grass. She then overcorrected and jerked the steering wheel, causing her car to cross the center line. The SUV flipped and landed on the eastbound side of the interstate, the Hickory Record reports.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

In an interview with WSOC-TV, the truck driver said all he saw was the woman waving her arms when she lost control and ran off the road. He also told reporters that his truck did not touch her SUV.

Police confirmed that the two vehicles didn’t come in contact but said the accident was the truck driver’s fault. Witnesses said the semi was coming over into the woman’s lane and she had to swerve to avoid it.

The Hickory Record says police charged the truck driver with a misdemeanor count of death by auto and failure to maintain lane.

Unsafe Lane Changes

An unsafe lane change in any vehicle can set a catastrophic collision in motion. That is why all motorists, truck drivers need to take precautions when changing lanes. Some violations related to unsafe lane changes that should be avoided include:

Alcohol or drug-impaired driving

Cutting a car off

Drowsy or fatigued driving

Failing use signal prior to changing lanes

Failing to yield the right of way

Failing to maintain lane

Not checking side mirrors or ensuring blind spots are clear

Miscalculating the distance of other vehicles

Speak to a commercial trucking attorney in Winston-Salem if you are injured by a truck making an unsafe lane change.

A truck driver may be liable for an accident if they engage in any of the behaviors above and injure or kill another motorist or motorists. When a truck accident victim is able to show a truck driver or a trucking company violated traffic laws or federal regulations, they may be able to recover a truck accident settlement.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Winston-Salem

As the accident discussed above shows, an unsafe lane change can have deadly consequences. If you are involved in a commercial trucking accident, USAttorneys.com recommends you speak to someone about filing a personal injury claim. We can connect you with a trucking accident lawyer in Winston-Salem to meet with and discuss your accident. Our legal teams will look at the facts of your case and explain in plain language what you need to do to recover maximum compensation.