Corpus Christi, TX- A truck driver is facing felony charges after he his rig collided with the school bus on November 5th and left several children injured.

Robert Watson, 72, is facing felony charges of injury to a child, and if convicted he could be facing up to two years in jail.

According to East Texas News, the school bus was traveling southbound on U.S. 96 in Kirbyville when the driver stopped to let on a student. That student made it to his seat just before a tractor-trailer rear-ended the bus.

Several students had to be taken to a hospital, but according to reports, none of the injuries were life-threatening. Other students had minor injuries and were picked up by their parents. Neither bus driver was injured.

East Texas New reported that the tractor-trailer driver was attempting to turn to the left prior to the collision so there wasn’t a direct hit to the rear of the bus.

There was a total of 56 students on the bus.

The cause of this accident is still under investigation, but police apparently had enough information to charge the driver.

There are three main causes of truck accidents; distracted driving, fatigue and mechanical failure. Anyone of these actions could have played a role in this accident, though judging by the fact that the driver was charged, this accident likely involved some negligence on his part, so mechanical failure can be ruled out.

In nearly 90 percent of truck accidents, a passenger vehicle motorists is at fault, but the remaining 10 percent can typically be attributed to negligence on either the part of the driver or a trucking company. When an accident is the fault of a truck driver, a trucking company or both, the victims have every right to expect compensation from all the responsible parties.

In the wake of a catastrophic truck accident, those who are injured or lost a loved one may be confused about how to get the compensation they need. This may mean filing a personal injury suit against more than one, but identifying the parties requires the skills a resources of a Texas truck accident who is capable of conducting an exhaustive investigation so they can identify every party that may have been responsible for your accident. Doing this ensures you every responsible party is identified and takes responsibility for their carelessness.

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