Bergen County, NJ-Last Thursday, New Jersey state trooper Christopher Goodell was doing speed checks in an unmarked when he was struck by a passing truck and killed. Now the truck driver who caused the accident is facing second-degree vehicular manslaughter charges.

The accident occurred just after 1 a.m. on Route 17 in Bergen County. Goodell, a five-year veteran of the force, was using his radar when his patrol car was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer and was pushed into a retaining wall, NBC New York reported.

The driver of the truck, 28 year-old Ryon Cumberbatch, stayed on the scene and called 911. An investigation into the accident revealed that Cumberbatch made no attempt to brake before colliding with Trooper Goodell’s patrol car.

Why Cumberbatch didn’t brake remains a mystery one that investigators are still trying to unravel. While we don’t know the all the details of this particular accident, similar accidents can give us insight into how such a collision could occur.

In February of this year, a truck driver traveling through Illinois struck a disabled truck and a police cruiser parked on the shoulder of Regan Memorial Parkway just outside Aurora, killing one and injuring another.

A truck driver had pulled over because he was having mechanical issues and an Illinois state trooper  along with a Tollway worker stopped to help the stranded man. As the three men were standing outside the broken down truck, a passing trucker drifted onto the shoulder and struck the tractor-trailer which set of a chain of collisions and sparked a fire that soon engulfed the vehicles.

Ultimately, the Tollway worker was killed and the state trooper was incurred serious injuries which he is still recovering from.

The driver in this incident said he didn’t see the disabled vehicle because another tractor-trailer was obstructing his view. However, an investigation revealed that the driver had been behind the wheel for over 12 hours when the accident occurred. Police ruled fatigue of the primary cause of the accident and found the driver falsified his log books, and has a number of traffic infractions on his record.

Fatigue is a large contributor to truck accidents nationwide and hours or service rules are doing little to combat this serious problem. If you have the misfortune of being injured in a truck accident involving a fatigued driver, our team of accomplished truck accidents attorneys will use their extensive experience to secure a just settlement on your behalf.

Driver inattention or distraction is another cause of fatal truck collisions as an Arizona accident from May demonstrates. This accident also involved vehicles parked on the side of the highway and left one state trooper dead.

In this accident, a truck driver, who was traveling 65 mph along I-8 outside Phoenix, slammed into a line of emergency vehicles, responding to an earlier accident. One of the emergency responders had to be extricated from his vehicle and suffered serious injuries.

Camera footage from inside the truck shows this driver using his cell phone when the accident occurred. After combing the contents of his phone, investigators discovered the truck driver had been looking at his Facebook account, at the time of the accident and had previously spent time perusing porno and escort sites.

Whether you have been injured by a fatigued or distracted truck driver, a truck accident attorney will vigorously fight to ensure you receive a settlement that covers your medical expense and compensates you for your pain and suffering.