Truck collisionKilleen, TX- Over a year later, the driver responsible for a fatal tractor-trailer accident that left three people dead has finally been arrested.

U.S. Border Customs reported that David Campos Garza, 34, was arrested by agents on May 16th as he crossed the Hidalgo International Bridge, according to KRGV-TV. Campos, a legal permanent resident of the U.S., has been charged with three counts of negligent homicide in connection with a fatal tractor-trailer accident from February of 2014.

KIII-TV reports that Garza was driving a tractor-trailer when he drifted into the oncoming lanes of Highway 72 where he struck a pickup truck head-on. The truck then flipped, ejecting two of the passengers.

Three men in the truck were pronounced dead on the scene, and Garza, who suffered serious injuries, was later charged with negligent homicide.

There are no reports on what caused Garza to veer into oncoming traffic, but the fact that he was charged with criminally negligent homicide would indicate that he acted recklessly. The majority of truck drivers take their safety and the safety of other motorists seriously, but there are a few bad actors on the roads and they cause major harm to other motorists.

Head-on collisions where one motorist veers into oncoming traffic can have a variety of causes, but distraction, fatigue and distraction are often cited in such collisions. Drunken driving also contributes to a number of fatal head-on collisions, but is more common in passenger vehicle accidents than tractor-trailer accidents.

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