Truck collisionSeattle, WA- Police in Washington State arrested a truck driver who caused a wreck that killed two and injured five earlier this month and charged him with driving under the influence of drugs, according to local media.

King 5 reports that the accident occurred on Friday, February 5 just after six a.m. near the Snoqualmie Summit and involved approximately six passenger vehicles and two semi- trucks.

Washington State Troopers told KOMO News the driver of a semi, which was hauling an empty car carrier, was traveling in the westbound lanes when he lost control and veered into oncoming traffic. After crossing all lanes of traffic, the car carrier came to rest in the roadway, setting off a chain of collisions.

Troopers told reporters that Drug Recognition Expert spoke to the driver of the semi appeared to be intoxicated, so he was arrested. The driver faces DUI charges and possible vehicular homicide charges. Troopers are waiting for toxicology tests before they can determine the exact charges the truck driver is facing.

Two people in the same passenger vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. Five other motorists were injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Drugged driving accidents involving large commercial trucks occur less often than drugged driving accident involving passenger vehicle drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were less than 4,000 accidents involving impaired truck drivers in 2013 compared to over 17,000 impaired driving accidents involving passenger vehicle motorists. So, apparently, impaired driving accidents involving commercial truck drivers are rare, but the consequences are catastrophic.

This accident shows that despite the risk, some motorists and truck drivers are willing to put other people’s lives in danger so they can get high. It’s a shame. Any motorist who endangers others should be held accountable for the harm their actions caused.

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