Overturned TruckBirmingham, AL- We all know that lose tooth can be bothersome, but fooling with one while in command of a large commercial vehicle can wreak havoc on the road. That’s what one truck driver learned after he shut down I-20 in Tuscaloosa.

Al.com reports that on January 25th, a truck driver lost control of his tractor-trailer, ran off the road and jack-knifed in a group of trees.

Alabama State troopers soon discovered that this accident was the result of a loose tooth. The driver said he took both hands off the wheel to pull out his tooth.

“The driver stated he lost control when he was pulling a tooth with his hands,” the crash report said, according to AL.com. “He had the tooth in his shirt pocket as proof.”

The accident caused a traffic back-up that lasted nearly 11 hours, causing major headaches for morning commuters.

Sure a loose tooth is irritating and most people want them out right away, but this driver should have pulled over if he wanted to play dentist.

While this ranks up there in the bizarre scale, there are plenty of truck accidents with unusual causes. Take for example an accident from last year which left four inmates working along a Portland, Ore. highway seriously injured.

The truck driver in this incident told police he passed out after he choked on the hot coffee he was sipping. After losing consciousness, he ran over inmate workers then slammed into a cable barrier which caused his truck to overturn.

As the for the dentistry-practicing truck driver, he is fortunate that this accident didn’t harm or kill any one, although he did cause significant damage to his truck and the surrounding area.

Inattentive driving is hazardous and can lead to unnecessary deaths and injuries for anyone who has the misfortune of being in that driver’s path. Driving a large and heavy commercial truck takes skill and requires a driver to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Most truck drivers don’t intend to cause an accident, but they must held accountable when their actions cause others harm or lead to their death.

If you have been injured by a distracted or inattentive truck driver you should seek out an Alabama truck accident attorney to discuss your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages and any long-term costs you incur as a result of your accident. If you have lost a loved one you can seek compensation for your loss of companionship and loss of financial support.

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