(Miami, FL) – January 27th, 2017 – A pillion rider who was riding passenger on a motorcycle was killed after the motorcycle that she was on was struck by a truck.

As reported by miamiherald.com, the impact of the collision resulted in both the rider and the pillion falling off the bike and onto Florida Turnpike in the proximity of Hollywood Boulevard. The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the auto accident.

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The accident occurred at just around 10:30 pm as per the Florida Highway patrol. The vehicle which struck the motorcycle has been described as a Ford F350 pickup truck. As per investigators, both vehicles were both headed in a northerly direction and were on the turnpike in the center lane when the mishap happened.

Initial witness statements and investigations by the Florida Highway Patrol seems to suggest that the truck driver may have been at fault for causing the auto accident because he supposedly failed to slow down prior to the front left side of his truck rear ending the motorcycle at a substantial speed. The truck driver has been identified in police reports as 52 year old William Burke.

The victims of the auto accident have also been identified as 41 year old Enrico Gaeta and 34 year old Yadira Gaeta who were both transported to Memorial Regional Hospital. Sadly, just a few moments after she was admitted into the hospital, Yadira Gaeta succumbed to injuries. Enrico Gaeta who was the rider of the motorcycle is said to be in a serious condition.

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Some criminals never go to prison since they end up getting themselves killed. Some people just never figure it out. Very sad.

Box Truck Accident in Northwest Miami-Dade Claims Life of One Person

An auto accident that occurred in Northwest Miami-Dade between a box truck and another vehicle has resulted in the death of one person. The deceased has been identified as 49 year old Charles Lomax, according to a CBS report.

According to police who are investigating the auto accident, Lomax allegedly stole a plumbing truck from a Tamarac shopping center and sped away to Northwest Miami-Dade where he ploughed into a tree and the blunt force trauma caused due to the force of the collision resulted in his almost immediate death.

Don’t run into trees Charles Lomax! Don’t steal Charles Lomax!

Lomax, while driving the stolen truck, supposedly hit two cars on the Interstate 95, continued driving and made a turn onto State 112 and exited off the NW 17 Street ramp before colliding with two more cars before finally smashing into a tree. Even though one of the cars ended up on its roof, no one else was seriously injured in the truck accident.

Charles Lomax does not seem to care about humanity that much. America does not need people like that. America already has one Harry Reid.

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