Truck drivers face criminal charges if they flee the scene of an accident.

New Orleans, LA- Semis and tankers transport most consumer goods in the U.S. and sometimes those trucks are involved in traffic accidents. An accident involving a fully loaded commercial vehicle can create a big mess for commuters, cleanup crews, and police. Take for example a truck crash in New Orleans earlier this week which closed a major interstate and snarled traffic for hours.

Tanker Full of Molasses Crashes in New Orleans Causing a Sticky Spill

All lanes of traffic on Interstate 10 in New Orleans were blocked for hours Monday, January 15, 2018, after a tanker carrying molasses overturned and spilled gallons of the sticky syrup all over the roadway.

No one was injured, but the spill caused chaos for commuters. reports that the crash backed up I-10 East past I-510 for hours while crews cleaned. They were still on the scene ten hours later.

It is unclear what caused the tanker to overturn.

Trucking Accidents Are Costly

The accident in New Orleans didn’t involve injuries, but it did result in a massive cleanup, a significant loss of product and extensive vehicle damage. The crash just shows how costly a commercial trucking accident can be even when no one is injured. A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study from 2005 looked at the costs of trucking accidents and concluded that the average cost of these wrecks is $87 billion annually. Those costs break down to the following average costs based on the type of crash according to the FMCSA:

All truck crashes- $91,000

Injury crashes- $200,000

Fatal crashes- $3.6 million

Injured in a Truck Accident?

In 2015, over 4,000 people were killed, and 87,000 were injured in commercial trucking accidents, the FMCSA found in the Large Truck Fatal Causation Study.

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