Oversize loadTulsa, OK- Investigators say that the tractor-trailer involved in the North Carolina Amtrak accident that injured 55 people was oversized and too heavy for the road the driver was attempting to navigate.

The truck was transporting a when it became stuck on tracks in the small town of Halifax and was stuck by an Amtrak passenger train. According to WBOC, the truck driver struggled for several minutes to make the tight left hand turn from one roadway to another across the tracks. As the truck was still struggling to get across the tracks, the train came barreling down the tracks. Since the scene of the accident was just after a curve, the train conductor didn’t see the truck on the tracks.

Moments before the train collided with the truck, the driver jumped out of the can and fled to safety as he should have. He was injured but approximately 55 people in the train were hurt. That majority of those who were injured, have already been released from the hospital.

WBOC reports that the truck weighed 255,000 lbs. and was 167 feet long, which far exceeds the average weight and size of a semi and requires a special permit to operate on roadways. The trucking company the driver worked for had the necessary permits to transport such a large load, but did not have an escort as prescribed by law. Had the truck had an escort, they could have warned Amtrak of the obstruction and the collision could have possibly been avoided.

In a search of the driver’s records, the Associated Press learned that he has prior traffic violations for having an overweight load, speeding, and driving with a revoked license on several different occasions.

This truck accident could have been much worse and possibly resulted in fatalities, but fortunately it didn’t. This accident did however cause a great deal of property damage which is typical of commercial truck accidents.

An oversized, overweight or improperly loaded truck can be very difficult to control as this incident demonstrates. When a truck accident occurs and the driver or trucking company was in violation of state and federal regulations, they can be held accountable for any injuries, deaths or property damage that occurs. Victims of an Oklahoma accident need to contact an attorney specializing in truck accidents to discuss their rights and whether they should pursue a civil suit for their property damage.

Truck accidents often leave victim suffering from serious and costly injuries. In some of the worst cases these accidents can impact a person for the rest of their, making them unable to work or care for their own needs. Additionally, each year thousands of people are killed in truck accidents. Our truck accident attorneys serving Tulsa, Oklahoma understand the true cost of a truck accident victim’s injuries and will tirelessly fight to ensure they get a settlement they are deserving of for their pain and suffering.