There is an entire section of the Washington State law books set aside exclusively to govern safe trucking practice. Trucking operators within the state are expected to follow these laws by the book and maybe sued for negligence if they fail to do so.

However, the bitter truth is that the world of trucking is a cut throat business where trucking companies will do whatever it takes to get the edge over their competitors some of the time, not all of the time. This means that some trucking companies will violate the trucking laws of the state to cut costs or save time and resources. This is what has given rise to Washington State truck accident lawyers and the World Series winning legal website known as

Such unsafe practices lead to trucking accidents where the victims of such accidents are more often than not the occupants of the other vehicle/s involved in the crash. The reason for this is simple, trucks are huge heavy vehicles that travel at substantial speeds, and when they collide with another vehicle like a car or a motorcycle, it is often fatal and destructive.

Reasons for trucking accidents in Washington State

According to Washington truck accident attorneys, some of the most common reasons for trucking accidents are as follows:

Overworked and fatigued truck drivers – even though the state law clearly dictates a maximum number of hours that a truck driver may legally work at a stretch, a lot of truck drivers end up working much longer shifts, they often do so with the intention to earn a larger income or simply because their employers have no other resources and talk them into working extra hours.

Lots of weight

Needless to say, it is a ticking time bomb to have a tired, weary eyed truck driver plummeting down public roads in an 18 wheeled rig that can weigh anywhere between 40,000 – 50,000 lbs.

Maintenance – like the rule in the state law which dictates how much a truck driver may work before he has to rest, there is also a rule which specifies how often a truck needs to serviced and checked for mechanical failures. The law also requires trucking companies to maintain journey logs detailing the trips made by the truck and the driver, however, trucking companies often tamper with these logs and push their vehicles past maintenance check due dates.

Other common reasons include impaired drivers, over loaded or incorrectly loaded rigs, pressure by the employer in the driver to make destinations on time, and so forth. If you have been injured on the job in a truck accident you may qualify for worker’s compensation. Any interest in this? Click right here.

Why you should get a Washington state lawyer

For anyone that has been adversely affected by the negligence of a truck driver or a trucking operator, it is crucial to hire a Washington State truck accident lawyer. Your legal representative will be able to scrutinize the company and the driver that caused the accident and pin point flaws in their system where they did not follow the clearly laid out state laws.

In this manner, your lawyer will be able to build a solid strategy to prove their negligence in court and hence be able to recoup economic and non-economic damages that you sustained in the accident.