Speed is one of the leading causes of tire blowouts for big rigs, tankers, and other large trucks.

Speed is one of the leading causes of tire blowouts for big rigs, tankers, and other large trucks.

Baton Rouge, LA- A tire blowout can happen to any motorist whether they are driving a car or a commercial truck. In the worst cases, a blowout can lead to a harmful or deadly collision. While many tire blowouts are unexpected and can’t be avoided, sometimes they can be prevented. Here USAttorneys will discuss what causes tire blowouts and what truck accident victims can do if they are injured in a Louisiana truck accident.

Failing to replace worn tires or inflate them properly are two of the more prominent causes of tire blowouts. Those are two obvious reasons for tire blowouts and apply to passenger-vehicle motorists as well as truck drivers. But in regards to truck accidents, there are other reasons why a big rig tire gives out on the highway. Speeding and overloading a commercial truck are two typical causes of tire blowouts that have the potential of causing a lethal truck crash.

In a 2014 investigation of Michelin truck tires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that speed contributed to a large number of tire blowouts among commercial drivers. The trucking industry urged the federal agency to investigate Michelin tires after a rash of the accident they believed was caused by a manufacturing default. As it turns out, manufacturing defects weren’t the causing the crashes; speed was, and drivers were pushing their tires beyond their limits.

Some trucking companies overload their vehicles and put others at risk.

The NHTSA study found that drivers were going far above the recommended speed limit for their tire, regardless of the brand. According to the Seattle Times, most commercial trucks were manufactured to withstand sustained speeds pf 75 mph, but drivers were exceeding that limit. The NHTSA found that in nearly all of the incidents cited by the trucking industry, the truck driver was at fault. The NHTSA concluded that driving more than the recommended 75 mph caused heat to build up which then weakens the tire and could cause it to fail.

Another common cause behind tire blowouts for commercial trucks is overloading the cargo area and exceeding the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Federal authorities limit the GVWR of a commercial truck to 80,000 lbs., but many drivers and trucking companies defy those regulations because the consequences are minimal, and it sometimes pays off. But overloading a commercial vehicle will put excessive stress on the tires, weakening the structure and potentially leading to a blowout.

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