Three different accidents involving trucks in Palm Beach, Florida, in the past month lead to at least one fatality and two road closures.

On July 21st, a Boca Raton man on a motor cycle died after a crash with a semi-truck on the Spanish River Boulevard. According to the police Seth Clayton Dierksen, 22, was on his 2011 Kawasaki motorcycle when it hit a Gordon Food Service 18-wheeler semi-truck at around 4 am. The crash occurred near the 800 block of the Northwest Spanish Boulevard. Dierksen, who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, was declared dead at the accident scene. The truck driver was not injured in the accident. Police are continuing to investigate the crash and have asked anyone with information to contact them.

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Why run?

Another accident involving a truck occurred on July 25th at the Palm Beach Boulevard. According to the police, a red Toyota pickup was speeding on the Palm Beach Boulevard when Kevin Gonzale, 18, its driver, hit a grey Lexus on its rear. The truck rolled over and Gonzale was ejected. Gonzale was taken to hospital with critical injuries. The driver of the Lexus fled on foot after the car hit a palm tree. Two other trucks were also hit during the crash and came to a halt on the median.

Palm Beach, Florida truck accident attorneys do not know any anyone would run away from their car since their car will leave the police to them. In addition, the Lexus driver seems to not be at fault so why run away?

Their drivers were not hurt during the accident. Two more vehicles were involved in the crash, but their occupants appeared unhurt, while the vehicles suffered minor damage. The road was closed for a few hours before being cleared for traffic. Police are investigating the hit and run and the possibility of alcohol being a factor in the accident.

A truck and a car collide here, a helicopter is called to airlift two injured people

In a third accident, a semi-truck and a car collided on the Turnpike close to Indiantown Road at exit 116 and closed the road for a few hours. Two people who were injured by the accident had to be airlifted to the hospital for treatment. Tow trucks and the police worked to clear the road and investigate the cause of the accident. Both parties should consider hiring legal help such as Palm Beach, Florida truck accident attorney who can be found on the winning legal website

Legal help

Accidents involving trucks can prove to be disastrous because of the sheer size of the vehicle. If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident you need to retain the services of truck accident lawyers in Florida. This is because truck accidents often result in severe injuries or death that cause a lot of economic hardship as well.

In addition, the liability in these types of accidents is more difficult to establish as the driver, the owner, the contractor, and so on can all be liable to various levels. Many truck accidents are caused by distracted drivers or driver fatigue. Defects in the truck can also lead to accidents that can have severe consequences.

When you retain the services of a fantastic and committed Palm Beach, Florida truck accident attorney you will be able to ensure that your interests are represented and you can possibly obtain the financial compensation due to you.