Truck accidents are seldom minor, the sheer weight and size of the truck ensures that when it collides with a car or motorcycle the collision could often be deadly and devastating. Truck accidents are usually fatal where people either end up dead or permanently and severely injured/disabled.

You would expect that trucking operators and truck drivers will therefore operate in a safe and considerate manner, but the bitter truth is that it is quite the opposite.

The corporate business world of trucking companies is never without cut throat competition where there is always another trucking company that does the job for a cheaper price. This has forced some trucking companies to resort to unsafe, unethical, and illegal practices where the disregard trucking regulations and push to keep delivering even though it means taking a lot of deadly risks.

Common reasons for truck accidents

Fatigued/overworked truck drivers: According to Missoula, Montana truck accident lawyers which includes Bulman Law Associates who happen to be one of the finest firms in this part of Montana, state law stipulates a certain amount of maximum hours that a truck driver can operate in a week or at a stretch. However, in attempt to cut costs, drivers and their companies sometimes choose to violate this rule, which results in weary, fatigued, and insensitive truck drivers operating large heavy trucks on public roads.

In such a condition these drivers will certainly not have the ability to make true and sound judgment calls and their reflexes will be a fraction of what it should be to facilitate safe driving.

Negligent or reckless drivers: the problem lies in the fact that these drivers are so seasoned and so well in control of their trucks that a certain amount of over confidence kicks in and they try things that a newbie or a learner would never dare to do and often break speed limits and other traffic rules. To make matters worse, the weather in Missoula or any other city Montana can turn any second and make the roads even more dangerous.

Poorly maintained rigs: according to Missoula, Montana truck accident lawyers, all trucking companies are required to maintain a log of the truck and all of its journeys and the drivers that made those trips. Such well-maintained records will immediately alarm the company or driver of routine maintenance and service works for the truck.

Unfortunately, it is common for trucking companies to try to get as much out a truck as possible before finally taking it in for service, a dangerous practice which can lead to sudden break downs and handling issues that can claim lives of other innocent motorists.

Impaired driving: it is common knowledge that driving trucks comes with an occupational hazard of exposure to the use of stimulants, psychotropics, and alcohol. The long and lonely trips that truck drivers make can very quickly become monotonous and boring, which is why some turn to recreational drugs either to stay awake or to stay entertained. Needless to say, it is not very safe for someone high on pharmaceutical grades of heroin such as oxycodone to be driving 18-wheeler trucks at substantial speeds (or any vehicle for that matter!).

Another common theme which causes truck accidents is the tendency of trucking companies to overload their trucks in order to cut down costs. So if you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident with any size of truck, make sure to seek counsel from an experienced Montana truck accident lawyer right away. Not sure where to look? No worries, pressing right here will bring one step closer to the best resolution.