Large trucks need to move goods along the highways in and out of most cities and industrial centers. These trucks are also a huge source of liability because truck accidents cause much more damage than most regular car accidents. Drivers of trucks are also required to spend entire days doing nothing but driving, which means that they are much more likely to make a mistake or cause an accident than regular drivers. Companies who deal with trucking are also required to have larger amounts of insurance coverage due to the risk of having drivers of large vehicles constantly on the road.

The city of Chicago along with the surrounding towns is considered to be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. This high volume of traffic often creates dangerous situations involving trucks on the highways. One local incident shows how careless truckers create the potential for multiple car accidents, along with serious and deadly injuries.


Recent Deadly Four Vehicle Accident near O’Hare

An accident involving multiple trucks that occurred on Interstate 294 near O’Hare Airport in Chicago has made headlines again as a driver who died in the accident was only just identified. The Illinois State Police stated that an international truck was speeding on the highway when it rear-ended a Peterbuilt tractor. This initial crash caused a chain reaction, where the tractor then hit a Chevy van and the vehicles moved further to hit another truck that was pulling a semi-trailer. The driver of the international truck later died at the hospital and was unidentified at the time. The driver of the tractor and second truck were also hospitalized with injuries but remain alive. The deceased driver of the speeding truck that caused the accident is now known to be a 53 year old woman named Renee Hodorowicz from Joliet, Illinois.

How can Victims of Truck Accidents get help?

A lawyer can prove that a trucker was operating their vehicle without exercising reasonable care to get their client paid. Most cases involving personal injuries and car accidents in Illinois are covered under the state’s negligence law. A basic explanation of negligence is that a driver did not observe the appropriate standard of care while driving, which caused injuries to another person. Some common mistakes include speeding, using a phone while driving, improper lane changes, or other actions that show evidence of improper conduct while operating a motor vehicle. These injuries can be compensated with damages. Damages are money given to a plaintiff that is used for medical treatment, missed time from work, and other consequences of the accident.

Illinois law also recognizes a doctrine called modified comparative negligence. Under these rules, a plaintiff who is more than half at fault may be prevented from collecting money from the person or business they are suing. In other situations, the level of fault may be divided between all people involved in the accident, which affects the amount of money they are able to collect based on their level of participation in the incident. This is just a general outline of how negligence law in Illinois works and it is still crucial to have a conversation with an experienced lawyer about your particular situation. Your lawyer will have a much better explanation of what you can expect after hearing the details of a specific accident, and they can still advocate on your behalf even if you were injured in an accident and partially at fault.

Contact a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer Now

If you have been involved in a truck accident please contact a local lawyer in Chicago, Illinois for help now. Local lawyers know Illinois state law, they have practiced in the courts where your case will be heard, and they can use their experience to help get the best possible result. Serious accidents may be worth large sums of money.