Citrus, Florida, September 17th, 2015: Truck accidents in Florida are always on the rise and residents of every town and city from Orlando to Miami and across to Citrus County are at risk of being involved in an accident with pickup trucks, semis, and large 18 wheelers as well.

Most recently an accident between a pickup and a box truck took the life of five and injured two others in at the intersection of Ponce De Leon Boulevard and Citrus Way in Hernando, Citrus County. As reported by, the Chevy pickup truck caught fire on impact, which led to the death of its five occupants. Citrus, Florida truck accident lawyers are all over this case.

Marion County accident leaves three minors critically hurt

An accident in Marion County has left three minors that were traveling in it gravely injured. The accident occurred Saturday evening last weekend when the van carrying the children was hit by a pickup truck, as reported by

The three minors were immediately rushed to Shands UF Health in Gainesville by responding emergency medical technicians. The van that they were travelling in was being driven by a 34 year old woman identified by authorities as Amy Johnson. Authorities from Florida Highway Patrol have confirmed that there is no evidence of impaired or distracted driving in causing the accident.

The collision occurred when Johnson was making a left hand turn from County Road 200A onto NorthEast 35th Street. At this point, her van was ploughed into by a 2000 Ford F150 operated by a man identified in accident reports as 26 year old Jared Crawford who escaped with minor, non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators have also released the names of the three children that are now critical and their parents could be looking for a Citrus, Florida truck accident lawyer now. They are 14 year old Aubrey Smith, 11 year old Haley Smith, and 4 year old Payton Johnson. A fourth minor passenger, identified as 15 year old Alyssa Romo luckily escaped with minor injuries, she has already been treated and released in a stable condition from Shands UF Health.

According to investigators, all the occupants of the van, including driver Amy Johnson were all secured by seat belts and lawfully restrained at the time of the accident. Even Johnson suffered some minor to moderate injuries.

Accident in St. Johns County causes four injuries

Among the four injured persons, one of them is in a critical condition after two pickup trucks crashed into each other in the 6000 block of Florida 13 at Perry Park Road in St. Johns County. One of the vehicles involved in the accident was a Chevrolet Silverado allegedly driven by a female driver who monetarily became distracted and ended up rear ending a Chevrolet Suburban, according to

The Suburban then slid into the opposite travelling lanes of Florida 13 where it was hit once more, this time by a Ford F450 pickup truck. The Ford ended up upside down after the collision. The person that suffered the worst fate has been identified as 46 year old Scott Verville, the driver of the Suburban, who was rushed to a medical facility.

The driver that caused the accident has been identified as 32 year old Ann Woods-Hunter who was accompanied by a 9 year old girl. Both were treated at a hospital for minor injuries. The difference is that Ann will be the one who will be needing a lawyer and some of the best ones across the horizon can be found right here.

Truck accident laws in Florida

The trucking competition is fierce, according to Citrus County truck accident attorneys. Sometimes in their pursuit to save money so they can pay their tax bills and also regulatory fees and so they can impress their stakeholders, they cut corners and cause a wreck. Therefore, some people who are victims of these wrecks require an experienced Florida truck accident lawyer to conclusively prove their negligence in court. On top of this, they need this lawyer to successfully sue them and hold them responsible for the damages they caused.

If you are on the job and you are a victim in a truck accident, you may qualify for worker’s compensation. Press right here to find out more critical information along these lines.