Truck Accident Attorneys - KansasNewark, NJ- Car and truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but a large proportion can be attributed to the careless or negligent actions of one or more drivers. Despite the potential dangers, many motorists engage in risky driving behaviors. Driving while intoxicated, fatigued or distracted are the big three, but there are a host of other dangerous behaviors which can put others at risk. Speed being one of the riskiest and most deadly.

According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study conducted by the NHTSA, speeding accounts for 23 percent of fatal truck accidents. That’s one-fourth of the nearly 4,000 fatal truck accidents and approximately 104,000 injury accidents involving large trucks that occur in the U.S. every year.

Because speed is a factor in as many truck crashes as it is, the FMCSA will soon require trucks to have a speed limiters on certain commercial trucks, according to the Claims Journal. Trucks weighing over 26,000 lbs. will soon be required to install Electronic Control Modules which will limit a truck’s speed though the FMCSA has not yet decided in what that speed will be yet.

People like to justify speeding by saying everyone does it and if you’re smart about it nothing bad will happen. Ignoring the role it plays in traffic accidents, but that doesn’t change the fact that high speeds and heavy vehicles don’t mix. A commercial truck weighing up to 80,000 lbs. can cause significant harm to a person and costly property damage.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that it takes a tractor-trailer traveling at 60 mph 250 feet to come to a complete stop. Traveling 24 or more miles over the posted speed limit is considered a serious violation of FMCSA regulations. And in the wrong circumstances, speed can lead to accidents in which a driver jack-knifes, overturns, rear-ends another vehicle or loses control and leaves the roadway. Speeding combined with a mechanical problem, bad tire or brake failure can be catastrophic, often resulting in a fatal truck accident.

Truck accident victims who have been injured by a speeding truck driver have the right to seek compensation to for their medical costs and other expenses.

A New Jersey truck accident attorneys work closely with and every client to assure they get every bit of compensation they deserve. Our attorneys work with truck accident victims regularly so they understand the types of injuries victims can suffer and what the long term ramifications of those injuries. An attorney can anticipate the medical cost a victim is facing and will rigorously advocate for their rights.

In the aftermath of a serious truck accident, a truck accident victim needs someone on their side who will deal with all the legal red tape and allow them to focus on their recovery. Before agreeing to talk to anyone about your accident get the advice of a truck accident attorney and allow them to build a strong in injury claim.