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It is rather common for truck accidents to occur as a result of brake failure. Sadly, these accidents often impact the lives of many individuals, causing them to suffer both physical and financially.

Although large truck accidents aren’t nearly as common as car crashes, when they do occur, they often leave everyone, including the truck driver, suffering from some type of loss. While truckers are generally able to walk away from most collisions injury free, not every case ends in a truckers favor. There are times when truck drivers dosustain injuries and are unable to work as a result. This likely means there is no income coming in and they unable to carry on with their day to day tasks as they were prior to the wreck.


As you can imagine, life can be pretty tough when an individual loses some or all of their physical abilities and doesn’t have enough income coming in to afford his/her day to day expenses.


Now, although truckers engage in crashes for many different reasons, one of the most common types of accidents that tend to occur in the trucking industry that are known to leave truckers and those involved in the crash suffering both physically and financially are caused by brake failure. Large trucks are responsible for carrying thousands and thousands of pounds all of which weigh down on their brakes. Because the brakes of a truck have such an important job and are required to take on a significant amount of work, they are more likely to fail when one or more of the following occur:


  • The truck isn’t taken in for maintenance on a regular basis. These vehicles spend a countless number of hours on the road which means there is a lot of wear and tear put on their brakes. Unlike cars that are only used intermittently throughout the day, a truck’s brakes need to be checked regularly and possibly replaced much more frequently than the average passenger vehicle because of how much time is spent on the roadways. However, when they aren’t and a driver is permitted to continue using it to transport goods back and forth from one destination to the next, it only wears the brakes down more and poses as a safety risk as they could fail at any given time.


  • The company responsible for servicing the truck allows defective or cheap parts to be installed in the vehicle. Because large trucks are heavy vehicles and carry large loads, they need durable brakes that are able to handle the job. If defective or cheap parts are used on the truck, they are bound to fail at some point. Unfortunately, it usually happens while the trucker is en route to a destination which results in a major collision occurring.


Aside from trucks being neglected or faulty parts being used, a trucker’s brakes might fail them when they aren’t given enough time to stop. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to consider the amount of stopping time a trucker needs and will often jolt out in front of them or stop abruptly causing the trucker to rear-end their vehicle. Although many assume the trucker’s brakes were faulty, the true cause of the collision was due to the other motorist who made it impossible for the trucker to stop in time given the size and weight of his/her vehicle.


Are you a truck driver who was involved in an accident in Cleveland, OH that was caused by a brake failure?


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