Cedar Rapids, IA – Accidents that involve at least one commercial vehicle or semi truck are some of the most costly on the highways of Iowa and the United States. Victims may have to deal with long term problems related to their health, property repairs, and missed opportunities and wages in their careers. The total costs of all of these losses can be very large after a truck accident, especially if one or more victims experience permanent health problems or disabilities. This is why a civil lawsuit against the truck driver may be necessary to recover financial losses. 

The average cost of a truck collision

The costs of accidents involving large trucks and commercial vehicles averages between a few hundred thousand dollars and a few million dollars if there is both property damage and injuries to people involved. The U.S. Department of Transportation also estimates that truck accidents as a whole cost between $80 and $90 billion annually throughout the country.  

Some of these collisions are caused by simple driver error, while certain parts and mechanisms on the truck can malfunction. These factors can also affect the costs related to the collision and the amount of money that victims can potentially collect through lawsuits and their insurance. 

Suing a trucking company after a collision

The business that owns the truck that caused the accident as well as the individual driver can both be attached as defendants in a civil lawsuit. As a practical matter, the parent company will normally end up paying any related damages through their commercial insurance or financial reserves. The attorney for the plaintiff will allege that the driver operating the truck at the time breached their standard duty of care on the roads and caused a collision. The complaint also states that the resulting losses or damages are the financial responsibility of the company named as the defendant in the negligence lawsuit. However, the plaintiff must prove all four elements of negligence before they can collect the amount given in their initial pleadings. Dangerous behaviors such as speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be used as strong evidence of negligence. The driver’s failure to obey certain truck driving regulations can also be important if these violations happened in the time period leading up to the collision. 

Lawsuits related to a motor vehicle accident

People who need assistance after a collision have the right to retain their own lawyer and file a civil case even if they have a pending auto insurance claim. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is an experienced firm that focuses on all aspects of truck and car accident lawsuits

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