Medical examiners were required to correctly identify the dead body of a Watsonville man that died as a result of falling off a truck in a work related accident. As reported by, the incident occurred in San Jose and the deceased victim has been identified as 38 – year old Jose Macias Jr. According to San Jose authorities he fell from a truck and succumbed to his injuries.

High fall

Macias Jr. worked as an electrician in a Californian electrical and lighting company named ABM Electrical & Lighting. According to authorities, the company was working on a current project which basically required them to remove 18,000 streetlights in San Jose and refit them with LED lights.

The company finished a majority of their work last month and is only left with only around 200 lights to change. John Gajan, the Vice President of Operations, offered comment on the fatality. He expressed condolences to the victim’s family and friends and said that the whole company was shocked and terribly saddened by the death. Investigations are on to figure out what causes the accident and what can be done, if anything, in the future to avert such tragedies in the workplace.

Truck ploughs into house in fiery crash, two persons killed

A house in Caruthers went up in flames immediately after a truck rammed into it, killing two persons. Among the deceased was Michelle Willis, an active community member of Caruthers and an Employee of a local High School, as reported by The other person that died in the inferno was the driver of the truck itself. His identity is yet to be verified according to investigators.

Witnesses claim that Willis did not die as a result of the impact. She was burnt because she was unable to get out of the fire. Rescuers simply did not have enough time to react since, the place was in fire seconds after the crash.

Neighbors say that the house was beautiful and almost a century old, now, all that is left of the majestic house is just a heap of ash and mangled remains.

According to firefighting experts, the age of the house may have played a role in allowing the fire to spread to such a huge extent in such a little time. Supposedly, the older styles of construction allows for the fire to spread from one floor to another within a matter of seconds considering the placement of the staircase.

Truck accidents in California

Numbers from last year show that nearly 10% of all fatal road accidents in California involved trucks. Oakland truck accident attorneys would like to reiterate that California was statistically the second most dangerous state in the nation to drive in, therefore, the fact that 10% of all accidents in California says and means a lot.

According to expert Oakland CA truck accident attorneys who can be found on the noteworthy website, this is to be expected. They say trucks are much larger and heavier than cars and so it takes longer for a moving truck to come to rest. Just that fact has resulted in countless fatal rear end collisions.

Apart from this, there are many other factors which cause trucks to become more prone to being involved in a fatality, and these factors are (not limited to) – maintenance issues, speeding with heavy load, turning errors, impaired drivers, distracted drivers, overloading or improper payload loading and overworked or underqualified drivers (sometimes both).