Wyandotte County, KS- After a commercial truck accident—or car accident—victims often find themselves confused about what they should do next. Most of these victims know they have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault parties, but may not be aware that there are mistakes they can make in the aftermath of their truck accident. Those mistakes can dramatically affect the outcome of their case, so our team of truck accident attorneys in Kansas would explore a few of those mistakes.

Failing to get immediate medical attention: Obviously, many truck accident victims need immediate medical condition and are taken to the hospital. But some accident victims refuse medical treatment because they don’t think their injuries are that severe only to find a day or two later that their injuries were worse than they thought. To secure a fair settlement for a truck accident, you need to have a clear record of your injuries so see a doctor. If you get medical attention right away, the at-fault truck driver or trucking company can argue that your injuries were not a result of the accident and can refuse to give you any compensation.

Talking to insurers first: This is a damaging mistake and one that many truck accident victims make. The Speaking to an insurer or another party not representing your interests can backfire and seemingly innocent statements can be used to reduce the final settlement amount you receive. A few questions may not seem like a big deal, but the answers you give can be damaging. USAttorneys recommends you retain a truck accident lawyer and allow them to speak for you; they will prevent you from saying anything that could result in a smaller settlement than you deserve.

Agreeing to a settlement too quickly: Many truck accident victims in Kansas want to out their accident behind them, so they accept an accident settlement right away. Taking a settlement right away is a big mistake because the first offer you receive may not be enough to cover your medical costs. When you have legal counsel, they can explain why you deserve the amount you are seeking.

Asking for too much or too little: It’s common for truck accident victims to begin negotiating with an insurance company or truck driver without knowing the value of their claim. If you aim too high or too low, the parties you are suing won’t take your settlement seriously, and you could take a much smaller settlement than you deserve. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Kansas know what costs accident victims face because they see all types of injuries in their practice.

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