Frederick, MD – Anyone who regularly utilizes highways and interstate roads is at risk to be involved in a truck accident. Truckers can be on the roads for extended hours, even if they start to get fatigued and lack focus, which is very dangerous. If the trucker is responsible for a collision, their parent company can be joined as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and made to answer for the driver’s actions. 

These situations are especially dangerous for people in regular sized cars who may be affected by the huge size and weight difference between the vehicles during a collision. When these accidents happen, the damages may be severe enough that the insurance claim process is insufficient to cover the victim’s losses.  A consultation with an accident lawyer may be necessary to determine how to proceed after an accident and receive information about how the lawsuit will proceed. 

Special concerns related to truck collisions

Truck drivers who operate very large vehicles can be extremely dangerous when they are not operating the vehicles properly. They are supposed to take scheduled breaks, follow rules that dictate how long they can drive without stopping, and honor restrictions related to the total number of driving hours in a day. These rules are put in place for safety reasons. 

When drivers violate traffic laws, drive beyond regulated hours, or ignore other guidelines laid out by the Department of Transportation, they can be sued for these inappropriate actions. There are also rules in Maryland’s tort law that make the company that owns the vehicle responsible for these losses along with the individual driver. As a practical matter, the victim will mostly be focused on the case against the company that owns the vehicle, as they may have fleet insurance or other means to pay out large losses that are associated with a severe truck accident. 

Injury cases against negligent truck drivers

Personal injury lawsuits are the most important way for accident victims to try to get help. Most of these lawsuits are filed as negligence cases, which say that the defendant breached their standard duty of care on the roads and caused various kinds of losses. The final element of a negligence case is damages. This is the sum of all of the plaintiff’s losses such as costs for medical treatment, property repairs, and missed time from work with lost wages. 

Determining if an accident lawsuit is the right decision

Anyone who has been hurt by a truck driver in Maryland has the option of bringing a civil case against the person or business responsible. Santa Maria Law Center is available to discuss these issues with local clients and offer advice and guidance. 

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