Houston, TX-The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there 500,000 truck accidents throughout the nation on an annual basis. While truck accidents as less common than auto mobile accidents, when they do occur they tend to be deadlier and more injurious. Some victims of truck accidents have the misconception they will get all the money they need to cover their present and future medical costs, property damage and emotional distress, but that is not always the case. Injury victims can maximize their personal injury settlement with expert legal representation.

Why hire a Houston truck accident attorney?

Truck accidents have a larger scope of liability and the cause is not as easy to pinpoint as a traffic accident. Driver error accounts for a large number of traffic accidents, but the most common cause is mechanical failure. When mechanical failure is the cause of an injurious truck accident, the victim will need a Houston truck accident attorney to help them pinpoint all the parties responsible whether it is the trucking company, a parts manufacturer or the driver.

An attorney can determine which party must take responsibility for your injuries by conducting a thorough investigation. All personal injury attorneys investigate, but truck accidents require specific expertise.  They have the skills to decipher driver logs, trucking company logs, information from black box recorders and other technologies that monitor drivers. Skid marks and debris fields can also help determine the cause of the accident, which your Houston truck accident attorney is capable of analyzing and utilizing in your case.

A truck accident attorney, though not doctors, are very familiar with the types of injuries accident victims suffer and are therefore able to determine how much compensation you actually need. They understand what the long-term effects of your injuries will be. Many truck accident victims are willing to take the first settlement they are offered, not realizing that the amount may not give cover all of their medical costs.

Truck accident attorneys are better able to determine what the true costs of your injuries are and will fight to get you the compensation you need for your current medical bills and any future medical costs. If the victim has been permanently disabled or disfigured, they need enough compensation so they can maintain their standard of living, an attorney understands how much you need and will fight to make certain all of your financial needs are met.

A Houston truck accident attorney is well-versed in the states personal injury laws and knows the statute of limitations. They also have at their disposal a host of medical, accident reconstruction, and trucking industry experts who can bolster the strength of your case.

As will accidental injuries or deaths, time is of the essence. When you act quickly and enlist the help of a Houston truck accident, you can focus on your recovery, knowing that someone is working hard on your case. With representation, you are more likely to get a fair and just settlement that covers your expenses along with your pain and suffering.