Overturned LorrySeattle, WA- The legal guardian of a man who was has been in coma since April has a filed a lawsuit against the Washington state Department of Transportation, alleging one of their drivers was negligent.

Fox 13 reports that Cheryl Alton filed a $20 million injury claim against the Washington DOT on behalf of her long-time partner, Scott Bliss, 40.

Bliss has been in a coma since April when he collided with a dump truck that made an illegal U-turn on highway ramp near an I-5 widening project in Centralia. KIRO 7 reports that Bliss was riding his motorcycle to work in April when the dump truck suddenly turned around in front of him.

Bliss struck a bar connecting the front of the truck to the rear of the dump truck and was thrown from his bike. He suffered several broken bones, damage to his internal organs and a severe brain injury. Bliss has been in a coma since the accident, according to Fox 13.

According to the lawsuit, the WDOT failed to put out the necessary signage to notify drivers of the work zone. It also alleges that the driver for contractor Scarsella Bros. should not have been using the highway exit to turn around.

Aton, who is the Bliss’ legal guardian, is seeking $20 million in compensation.

Doctors say that Bliss will never fully recover from his injuries and will need lifetime medical care. This is often the case for victims of truck accidents, considering the size and weight of commercial trucks. And the reason why truck accident victims need expert legal advice following a serious truck crash.

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