Charlotte, NC- In 2013, over 3,000 people killed in truck accidents across the U.S and thousands of others were injured. Given the enormity of semis, tankers and other commercial trucks, it’s not hard to imagine the devastation of a major truck collision. When a truck accident is fatal, the deceased victim’s family and loved ones have the right to pursue wrongful death compensation.

If you want to file a wrongful death claim in North Carolina, you should be aware of the statute of limitations, which limits the amount you have to file a wrongful death claim. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for a wrongful death suit is three years. That means loved one’s claim must be be filed within three years of the date of your loved one’s death, otherwise your claim can be denied.

Surviving family members can seek compensation for economic losses, which includes medical, funeral and property repair costs. Economic losses also include financial problems caused by the victim’s death. In many cases, the deceased provides much of the financial support for a family and their loss can create financial hardships. A wrongful death suit can also seek compensation for the loss of the fatal victim’s services, protection, companionship, comfort and guidance.

Negligent truck drivers can also be forced to pay the victims punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish a driver or trucking company if their actions were egregious or grossly negligent. Punitive damages might be appropriate if, for instance, a truck driver was heavily intoxicated when they caused the fatal collision.

Under North Carolina law, a wrongful death suit must be filed by a representative of the deceased’s estate This representative must be a close relative who has be designated beforehand by the deceased, or who is assigned to this role by a court. Representatives are generally close relatives and can include parents, children, siblings, spouses as well as adoptive parents and children.

As with a car accidents, a successful truck accident claim relies on your ability to show negligence on behalf of a truck driver, trucking company or other involved party. This can be an impossible task for someone without legal skills. Proof of negligence requires a thorough investigation and someone who can accurately interpret that evidence to bolster your claim. Our team of truck accident lawyers serving North Carolina will closely examine the cause of a fatal truck collision to determine the cause and will also work hard to identify the each and every party responsible for your loved one’s death. The have the experience and skills necessary to ensure all negligent parties generously compensate you and your family for your untimely loss.

The truck accident lawyer at USAttorneys understand the pain, confusion and turmoil you are going though and aim to make certain your rights are respected. If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident, you can count on one of our truck accident lawyers to hold the at-fault parties fully accountable for their negligence. Let us connect you with a lawyer near you today so they can get started on your claim.