Over the weekend, an auto accident which occurred on the Circumferential Highway in Nashua resulted in the death of two persons, according to a unionleader.com report. The accident remains under investigation, but investigators believe that speeding was one of the main causing factors of the crash.

The two deceased were the driver of pickup truck and the passenger. The auto accident did not involve any other vehicles confirm investigators. Evidence in the form of video footage, the investigation report and witness statements could play a vital role in establishing liability according to leading truck accident lawyers in Nashua, NH.

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Law enforcement officers who were dispatched to the scene found that the Nissan was engulfed in flames. Supposedly, the Nissan was travelling in an easterly direction at a high speed and the driver was unable to safely maneuver the car onto the of-ramp towards D.W. Highway.

The pickup truck then veered towards the median and was thrown over the east bound on-ramp and guardrail towards the Merrimack River. It plummeted several feet towards the ground before finally coming to a halt next to some rail road tracks which were present at the bottom of the bridge. The Nissan almost instantaneously went up in flames. Nashua truck accident lawyers are pay close attention to this violent wreck.

First responders at the scene were personnel from the Nashua fire emergency department. They were able to locate the vehicle nearly 40 feet below the roadway and were able to use the hose on their fire truck to extinguish the fire. However, the two occupants did not make it out alive and emergency medical technicians declared them dead on the scene.

It would not have been possible to even extract the vehicle from the scene of the auto accident. A large rotating boom wrecker had to be called in order to reach, grab, and pull up the vehicle. Traditional tow trucks would not have been able to reach the Nissan because of the inaccessibility of the location in which it had ended up.

Even police sometimes get into an accident. It looks like this was the pick up truck driver’s fault but nothing has been determined for sure. The collision caused both vehicles off the road.

Collision Involving Police Cruiser and Pick-Up Truck on Route 286

A state public works pickup truck and a police cruiser were involved in an auto accident in the intersection between Route 286 and South Main Street in Seabrook, as reported by patch.com.

Investigators believe that the public works pick-up truck was operated by a man from Lebanon. He was travelling in a westerly direction and tried to turn left onto South Main Street when a police cruiser which was travelling east was not able to stop or swerve around the pick and ended up smashing into it. New Hampshire truck accident attorneys point out that the police vehicle’s dash cam can provide the much needed evidence to sort out liability issues.

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