Kansas City, MO- Accidents involving semis, 18-wheelers, tankers and other large commercial vehicles injure and kill thousands of motorists in the U.S. each year. And, because these accidents involve such large and heavy vehicles, victims often suffer deadly or devastating injuries that can become very costly. That is why our team of truck accident lawyers in Kansas City, Missouri would like to discuss three reasons you need their help with your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

The truck accident victims who survive a collision are more likely to be seriously injured. Neck, back and spinal injuries are common, so are traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can be very costly over the victim’s lifetime. For some victims, a truck accident results in long-term hospitalization, rehabilitation and permanent disability. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that commercial vehicle accidents, involving buses and tractor-trailers, cost $80 billion annually.

There are no guarantees in any truck accident claims, but you’ll have a greater chance of getting the settlement amount you need have legal counsel to negotiate with an insurance company, truck driver and trucking company.

Another reason to have legal representation is because cause in truck accidents can be complex. Typically, with any accident, car truck or otherwise, there may not be just one cause and are caused by negligence on behalf of a motorist, truck driver or trucking company. For instance, a truck driver can be partly responsible for a collision because they were following a motorist too closely. But if the reason they were unable to stop in time was failing brakes, a trucking company may also be liable. For you to get the full amount you deserve, you need to pinpoint the cause of your accident and identify every liable party.

And finally, as stated above, more than one party can be responsible for a collision. Of course, there are cases where a driver may be solely responsible for an accident, but there are other causes of truck accidents aside from driver error. Sometimes trucks are not maintained or repaired as needed and then breakdown on the road, setting off collision. You need an attorney to figure out every party who shares some of the blame for your accident, so you can hold those parties liable.

The truck accident lawyers at USAttorneys know how to find critical evidence and will investigate the cause of your accident, so you have a strong claim. Our accomplished attorneys will closely examine all sources of evidence including truck driver logs, black boxes and a trucking company’s safety record, to give you a winning injury claim.

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