New Orleans, LA- Work zones as a familiar site on highways in Louisiana and require all motorists, whether they are in tractor-trailers or automobiles, to adjust their speed and other driving habits accordingly. But too often truck drivers and motorists don’t take the necessary precautions, so these work zones become danger zones and the scenes of deadly accidents.

Last week, a Mississippi truck driver was killed when the cab of his tractor-trailer was set ablaze after he collided with another tractor-trailer. Louisiana State Police said the Don Knight, 54, of Mississippi, was driving his tractor-trailer on Interstate 20 just outside Rayville when he rear-ended another tractor-trailer. That initial collision set of a chain-reaction of additional collisions. The tractor-trailer that was struck by Knight was pushed into a passenger vehicle which was then pushed into a third 18-wheeler, according to the News Star.

Knight was killed as flames engulfed the cab of his truck.

The passenger vehicle motorists suffered moderate injuries which required hospitalization. Neither of the other involved truck drivers was injured.

Unless you live in a cave, you probably heard about the June truck accident that seriously injured actor and comedian Tracy Morgan and left comedian and writes James McNair dead. Certain details about this particular accident have been widely reported, such as the fact that the truck driver, Kevin Roper, may have been fatigued when it occurred. And, preliminary results for the NHTSA pegged speeding as the cause of this accident.

What is not widely reported is that Morgan’s accident occurred just before a work zone on the New Jersey Turnpike. And Roper said he crashed into the limo, carrying Morgan and four others, because traffic had slowed for the work zone, which would explain the NHTSA’s assertion that speed was the primary cause of the accident.

Speeds change in work zones for the safety of the workers and all motorists, failing to adjust speed in these zones is negligent and can have grave consequences.

Being involved in a truck accident can be terrifying, with good reason, since at least half of collisions involving large truck end with at least one fatality. Most of the time the deceased ends up being a driver or passenger in an automobile, but truck drivers are also at risk as the Louisiana accident demonstrated.

Losing a loved one is hard no matter the reason for their death, but such a loss can be even harder to deal with when that loss is due to the reckless actions of a truck driver. Throughout this trying time, a family can turn to a New Orleans truck accident attorney to help them figure out what their next steps should be.

Since truck accidents can be exceedingly complex, victims who wish to pursue compensation need expert legal representation. Our Louisiana truck accident attorneys have an eye for the details and will carefully examine every aspect of your truck accident to secure the best possible settlement on your behalf.